Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Why Are We Sad When Our Loved One Dies?

Why do we feel sad when our loved one dies? When our loved one dies, we feel it instantaneously because of the way the power which fills the universe functions. The more love enters us, the more we feel this universal power centering upon our vertical relationship with God. But when our loved one dies, this power leaves us and we feel the absence of the power right away.

This is bitter. We are to be perfectly good entities found acceptable but we become incomplete due to the absence of our loved one. Our life pursues perfection. But when we carry imperfect factors, the power of the universe drives us out. That results in pain. You should know this clearly.

It is agonizing and painful to disappear from the earth. To feel somewhat better without a husband violates the Principle -- the universal law. That's why a wife wants to die when her husband dies. When we fit ourselves in harmony with all the relative positions, happiness comes.

When your husband or your wife dies, you feel sad. The principle of the universe is to form a four position foundation centering upon God, completing the three stages of parents, husband and wife, and children. When we are banished from the Principle, we feet sad. The formula is to create the vertical and the horizontal world centering upon the three stages of God, Adam, and Eve. The horizontal world is formed through the substantiation of Adam, Eve, and their children. The horizontal world is to appear and expand naturally through the extension of Adam and Eve's family. The horizontal standard of the body is children and the horizontal standard of the mind is the spirit world. The two should be one. God can dwell right there, in both the spirit world and the physical world. This leads to the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Why does the husband shed tears when his wife dies? Because the way to give birth to children, fulfilling the third purpose, is broken. Therefore, he feels sad. Without accomplishing the third purpose, he cannot survive. There are positive (+) electricity and negative (-) electricity. If one of them disappears, the remaining one cannot function at all. The same applies to human life.

Can we really be happy living alone? When one half of a couple dies, the partner cries bitterly. Can a man alone prepare the way of life? Why do we become miserable without a partner? It is because we cannot fulfill the law of the universe. The motives and components which make for happiness are determined by the law of the universe-the pair system. Feeling sad means we are deviating from the law. The law of the universe does not correspond with sadness. What does feeling happy or joyful mean? It means that the universe welcomes you. Feeling sad is the result of being banished from the world. joy and sadness are distinguished in this manner.

When the husband of a newly married couple living in a complete oneness suddenly dies, can the wife alone find the lost love? Can she alone recover her husband's love? The only way to restore the lost love is through the resurrection of the husband.

When a woman lives alone without a husband, anyone is apt to tempt her, even if she lives in a good neighborhood. That's why a woman needs her husband, even though he doesn't earn enough money to make a living.

The son of filial piety feels unspeakable sadness when his parent dies; so do the parents who lose their children. The same applies in the case of losing our spouses. Our descendants feel the same amount of sadness when we die. This principle is unchanging.

Why does a woman cry when she loses her husband? It is not just due to the general reason that she misses him. Love needs four directions, and it should relate to "front and rear" and "left and right" to form a sphere. The husband is to accomplish the four directions of love in a "left and right" relationship with the wife. When this horizontal pair disappears, the universe cannot protect her and this state of being at risk leads to pain.

Why do we feel pain when we are sick? The blockage of the way of give and take is manifested as pain. That's how we get sick.

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