Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Position of the Blessed Couples

God is composed of Father God (masculinity) and Mother God (femininity); therefore, all things in the creation are also composed of the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity. Eve is the wife of Adam through a horizontal relationship. In front of God, through a vertical relationship, she is Mother God as well.

The vertical God and the horizontal God meet at the time of the Blessing. The family is the place for this meeting. When the family is established, God and human beings can be united. Whenever and wherever the family is established, the vertical God as well as the "horizontal" Mother and Father God will be happy. God, father and mother are to be easily and naturally combined like the branch and the leaves of a tree. This is the seed of love that God desires as His ideal.

In the blessed family, man should live with the dignity of God and woman should live with the dignity of God's wife. If man and woman become one centering upon God, they will live in love in the physical universe and in the spirit world. This is fundamentally different from the type of love that Americans give and receive.

Living with God's dignity in true love has to do with the whole relationship between God and the universe, because the origin and the result are one and the same love. This is the principle of vertical and horizontal love. Blessed families appeared with special grace enabling them to surpass the standard set at the origin by evil parents, and to determine the standard of good parents and have the right of good ancestors. Therefore, the joy of husband and wife is the joy of Heaven and earth. You are to create such a family.

Satan tempted Jesus, saying, "If you are the son of God, throw yourself down." This means that Jesus had to govern the fallen realm and gain victory over Satan's trials. In other words, if Jesus came as the son of God, he was supposed to have been separated from all the suffering conditions in the course of God's restoration. The focus of the 6,000-year history of restoration is to discipline humankind to restore Adam. Then, what shall we do after restoring Adam? We are to create Eve. We shouldn't let Adam and Eve be alone this time. We have to take good care of them and comfort them. We always have to be right beside them, going eastward if they are headed east or going westward if they are headed west. The blessed couples are like the restored Adam and Eve.

Because an older brother and younger sister fell, a husband and wife as a brother and sister should be acknowledged by God. They must enter the domain of liberation by going over the crisis of indemnity in the fallen world. Unless a husband and wife meet again as brother and sister, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Since the married couples of all religions have not known this, they have entered the spirit world separately. The Unification Church teaches us how to remain united on earth and in the spirit world. That's what Father does. That is the Blessing.

All fallen men are archangels, fallen archangels. Woman in the fallen world is in the position of Eve who tempted the archangel, and man in the fallen world is in the position of the archangel who tempted Eve. The problem now is how to take care of the transformed fallen Eve and archangel, who have become the restored Adam and Eve. Don't think that there are thirty billion people in the world; they all are our enemies. Here you are establishing the God-centered four position foundation. You have to get rid of all the fallen factors in the physical world and in the spirit world. In order to overcome Satan's total attack, you must have power stronger than Satan.

When a man reaches the restored Adam's position, Eve's position can be restored. And then they as a liberated husband and wife should establish the heavenly law to serve God. As soon as they set up the heavenly law, a new tribe is born.

Examples of the law of love between parents and children have been shown in history, but no one has practiced the law of love between man and woman. We haven't seen the content of the law of love between Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a bridegroom and a bride. We have to show this new standard of conjugal love and live according to it.

God manifested the attitude of parental love through the 6,000-year history of looking after His lost sons and daughters, but He couldn't demonstrate the love of man and woman to humankind. It was God's frustration and resentment that He couldn't establish the value of the horizontal love between man and woman, even though He showed the vertical standard of loving us as His children.

So it is God's desire to establish the substance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to witness to the value of their love in front of the universe and humankind, and to let it shine throughout the entire spirit world. Knowing such resentment of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you should dissolve it in your lifetime. You are to set up the tradition of man-woman love which can accomplish this. That's why a man looks for a woman and a woman looks for a man.

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