Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Ideal of the True Husband and Wife, which Must Be Restored

A wife should think that her husband is God's representative. She should be in the position of a daughter to her husband. The husband should restore her as God's lost daughter. God lost three feminine objective positions due to the fall. One of them, the position of God's daughter, should be restored through the husband. Therefore the wife should trust her husband more than she does her father. They have to face each other centering on this standard, which is much more valuable than the sum of their past experiences. Unless they restore this heartistic standard, husband and wife cannot restore the standard of the ideal object, which was destroyed by Satan. A husband should treat his wife as his mother, and they must be so intimate that they cannot stay away from each other even one day. They are each to be an existence absolutely needed by the other. Unless husband and wife become one like that, the condition of restoration is not established.

A wife is the mother's incarnation, the encapsulation of the mother's body for her husband. She is also the physical encapsulation of an older sister and of a younger sister, and she is the representative of all women in the universe. To love one's wife in this full dimensionality is to love the mother, older sister and younger sister on the level of all humankind.

Likewise, a husband is the father's incarnation for his wife. He is also the physical encapsulation of her older brother and younger brother. We must accomplish this ideal of the family. A man is True Father's incarnation and a woman is True Mother's incarnation. Therefore, neglecting one's wife is like neglecting True Mother, and deceiving one's husband is the same as deceiving heaven.

A wife should consider her husband as her father and grandfather and then as her older brother and younger brother.

A husband is to raise up his wife as his younger sister, to love her as his bride and to serve her as his mother. He is to love his wife in the order of younger sister, older sister, bride, and mother. By going through this course, we can restore the love that God lost due to the fall.

Why do we marry? We marry to discipline ourselves to love the world and to qualify ourselves to love humankind.

We receive the Blessing for the sake of God and the world. Then what is the purpose of love? In order to love the world, we are to love the one closest to us, who represents the world. A woman is to love her husband in place of her father, older brother, and younger brother, and a man is to love his wife in place of his mother, older sister, and younger sister. The husband and wife are bound to love and respect each other representing those four generations in the closest position, giving stimulating love and respect to each other.

The husband and wife relationship is the basic unit to give and receive worldwide love. Because Jesus couldn't set up this basic condition, the Marriage of the Lamb, bringing together a bride and a bridegroom representing the world, should be held this time.

In order to think of your wife as your mother, you have to be the baby. Be a baby! It is not bad to be a baby. A woman likes a man playing on affections. Try it if she likes! Try crying over food like a baby. Don't worry. God won't scold you for your immature behavior. It is inevitable in the course of restoration. When you say to your wife, "Mommy, give me rice," she will be joyful, saying, "Aha, here's our big baby."

Unless you are determined to restore the lost love of woman, you cannot restore the original family standard.

God has not had the experience of parental love, conjugal love and children's love with one person; this results in His resentment, which must be restored. When those three kinds of love are induced through one person, the heartistic Kingdom of Heaven can be restored. Ultimately, the only problem is love.

The new history starts from a bride and a bridegroom. By believing in Jesus, you are to make the pure and burning bond of love. Staying in the state of engagement is not enough; you are to become a real husband and wife. The couple should stand in the position to judge the past history and solemnly to start the new history as new ancestors. Without achieving this position, you cannot be considered a human being.

When a bride and a bridegroom individually are restored through indemnity and become a husband and a wife representing heaven and earth, God will acknowledge them, saying, "You are the flesh of my flesh, the most dutiful son and the most loyal subject." Then they are qualified to represent all the nations of the world.

How is your blessed family life? Do you fight? It is not easy to be a husband or a wife. Do you know how difficult it is for God to find an ideal object on this earth? After losing His sons and daughters, God has been establishing religions at the cost of great sacrifice through the course of history. Owing to the foundation of such sacrifices, you are called here and blessed. Dare you fight with each other after receiving such valuable love? It is easier to be the president of one nation than to be a husband or a wife of one family.

The husband is the substantial God on earth. Man is the substantial representative of heaven and woman is the substantial representative of earth. When they are harmonized, the ideal is accomplished, filled with joy and song. The power of love is limitless, so when you are intoxicated with God's love, you are in God's dominion.

I blessed you because I want you to establish a family which is objective to God and which is qualified to receive His love, so you shouldn't fight. It is not that the husband is not responsible for his wife's mistakes or that the husband can stand righteously while a wife does something evil. You should serve your spouse as God, more than you serve anybody else in the nation or world.

Women in the Unification Church should think of their husband as their God and men should think of their wife as their God. The one who serves one's spouse as God is considered to be the one with true love.

And then you are to serve your husband as your Lord. The Lord is the King of Kings. Aren't you happy to live with somebody representing God, Lord and King? You should be as joyful to see your husband as you would be to see God. Because love is unchanging, it can penetrate anything. The way of love is such that love goes through an individual, family, nation, world and even God; it can go through everything.

When a wife is as happy to see her husband as she is to see the Lord or King, she carries the value of God's object. If you are God's object, you have the same value as God. When you completely love the King, Lord and God, your love can penetrate anywhere. Therefore, these three kinds of love are like a crystalline tens. True love can unite all the creation.

When you go to the spirit world with such love, you will be one with God. There is no boundary in love. Your husband is sent by God, the Lord and the King. He carries God's bundle of love, so you cannot deny such a precious guest, whether he is handsome or not. Without this understanding, you are not qualified to get married. When you relate to the four directions with such love, the whole universe is embraced in the realm of your love. Then you love subjects as your King, humankind as the Lord, and the universe as God.

This enables you to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place to which those who love humankind as they love their own spouses or their Lord can go. Ultimately, from the viewpoint of love, God, the Lord and the King are one.

When man and woman become one, the whole universe can be one. Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Man is in the subject position and he doesn't want anyone to intervene with his affairs. But love and truth can control anybody. Woman wants to receive love and she is passive. In this sense, man is to be a giver and woman is to be a receiver. That is why the oneness of man and woman is the oneness of heaven and earth. Only love can dominate the universe; therefore, you have to consider your spouse as greater than the universe. Our desire is to have an object who can receive and cherish us.

You are to love people. Man is to love woman and woman is to love man. The representative of man for a woman is her husband, and the representative of woman for a man is his wife. The husband is sent as the representative of all the men of the nation, of the world, and of the spirit world. The wife is sent as the representative of all the women of the nation, of the world, and of the spirit world.

In order to build the Kingdom of Heaven, a man should be able to love all the women of the world as he loves his wife. Think that you picked your wife as the companion representing all the women of the world. A woman should think of her husband as the companion representing all the men of the world.

What do you have to love first in order to love your nation? In order to love the nation a man should be able to love one woman, considering her to be the chosen representative of all the women in the nation. The same is true for a woman. When the two representatives of all men and all women become one and establish a family, that family belongs to heaven.

Conjugal love is necessary to introduce and teach the feeling of the Kingdom of Heaven in the future.

The families of the Unification Church should establish the "Kingdom of Heaven of the Family." When the "Kingdom of Heaven of the Family" is established, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth surely will be accomplished. In order to stimulate the real feeling of the future Kingdom of Heaven in the present position, we need an object. When we are stimulated by our spouses in our family, we can feel in our present daily lives the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven which is to come in the future. That's why husband and wife are needed. Husband and wife can live eternally through such stimulation. Development is impossible without stimulation.

Conjugal love is the stimulating force to build the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. Conjugal love pulls the joy of the future into the present time and supplies the present with driving force which empowers us to reach the future. This love includes love of nation, world and God, so it can penetrate everywhere. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place for the loving husband and wife only. If a couple lives their physical life realizing this concept of love, they are already in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind -- but the Unification Church says that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your family. If you cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal of the Unification Church will not be accomplished. If you can build the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal will be accomplished. With this viewpoint, you must go the right way centering upon the Principle. A woman should love her husband as her father, grandfather and brothers; and on the foundation of this bond of love, she should love her actual father, grandfather and brothers. Otherwise, she is not qualified to have a husband. If she just loves her husband while hating her father, grandfather and brothers, she will drift away from God's Word.

You should have the concept of loving your husband as the fruitful representative of all men in the world. When your love transcends the national boundary and embraces the whole of humankind as your family, you will be acknowledged as God's son or God's daughter. This is Unificationism.

It would be a blessing of good advice to say to a person who is about to die for the sake of his family, "Abandon your family and die for your nation." Isn't it right? If it isn't wrong, you should behave like that. It is proper to give a painful word like "sacrifice your family" to a person who is struggling with his poor household. The nation is the window through which shines a dawning light opening the way of the Kingdom of Heaven for the family. When you concern yourself with your nation's household more than your own family's, the nation will protect you. When such a person starves, the nation will shed tears. A multitude who sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the world, beyond their own families, can dominate the world without a physical battle, because no one can oppose them. This is God's strategy.

Ask yourself in front of a mirror, "What dream have I carried on so far?" The dream shouldn't be a dream for yourself, but should be a dream for heaven, the world and humankind. An ideal man and an ideal woman want to have a spouse who loves the world, God and humankind more than himself or herself. It is evil when a wife bothers her husband's public mission for her individual love. That's why it is said that your own physical family is the enemy. The ones who can destroy your chances at the critical, final moment of entering the Kingdom of Heaven are your loving children, spouse and parents.

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