Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Original Relationship of Husband and Wife

One man and one woman are the substantial object of the invisible God, His son and His daughter. Man represents God's masculine (+) nature and woman represents God's feminine (-) nature. God -- the harmonized body of the dual characteristics -- is divided into two entities formed separately, and these separate bodies are to be united again to resemble God. This is the principle of creation. The unity of one man and one woman represents the original unity of God's plus nature and minus nature. This is the harmonized body resembling God. Therefore, two human beings, husband and wife, symbolize the whole of God.

Man is True Father's incarnation and woman is True Mother's incarnation. They are also respectively representatives of God. Therefore, when they become one in love, they are embracing the universe. They become the central point of the entire cosmos.

A husband represents all men, so he is father and older brother as well as husband; a wife represents all women, so she is mother and older sister as well as wife. That's why husband and wife should naturally respect each other.

Man is God's positive external form (hyung sang) and woman is God's negative external form, so a couple is like a bag which has inside it the whole universe. Therefore, a husband and wife can feel the ideal of God's heart of love.

Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. They are to unite and form parallel lines.

The perfection of man and woman's love is the perfection of the universe. When this love is broken, the order of the universe and the vertical world are destroyed.

The union of man and woman is the union of heaven and earth.

The embrace of man and woman itself is the union of the whole universe. It is like the original appearance of creation centering upon God's ideal.

Adam desired to control the cosmos. He cherished the value of husband and wife and this desire represented the central value of the world, didn't it? True love should occupy this central position, but look at the status of today's evil society! People pursue physical gratification only. You shouldn't follow this corrupt trend.

You should know the holiness and value of the love of an original man and woman.

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