Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Mission of the International Blessed Families

It is unprecedented that you crossed over national boundaries and gathered here. Father made it possible for you to go over the national boundaries; it is a great achievement. For example, England and Germany were enemies during World War II. But by marrying a young man and a young woman from those countries to one another, a historical phenomenon of give and take with love took place between those enemy countries. Even though they cannot communicate completely with one another, when they look at the babies born out of their base of love, both will feet the same joy. From this point, the heartistic dominion of unification is binding people together from all over Europe; this is an amazing fact.

The language and life style of the people from five oceans and six continents cannot be understood easily, but the international marriage which went over the historical walls became a landing base for God and True Parents on earth. It is a great task. A doctrine of the Unification Church is to live for the sake of others; this is the idea of sacrificing oneself for the sake of others. In this world dying from selfishness, a crowd of proud individuals gathered in front of Heavenly Father-the grand Subject of the Universe-and determined to live for the sake of the family, nation, world and cosmos. The battle cry of the crowd which is determined to break through all the layers of crucifixion is ringing throughout the world. This is a revolutionary and epoch-making song of which to be proud.

For what did you cross your national boundary? Why did you come to Korea, leaving your culture, land and parents?

God's providential goal has been to find an original husband and an original wife. Therefore, you came to meet your true husband or true wife, for whom your original mind has yearned, separating from the satanic national foundation. A true man and a true woman are to grow through their close relationship with the True Parents. In other words, you came here to serve the True Parents. You are not here pursuing money. You are not here to be proud of being American, British or German. Rather you are here to be proud of your spouse and of True Parents beyond everything else in the world. Because True Parents haven't left the sorrowful path, you came here to love them. Father knows the international blessed Couples are the ones with this heartistic determination.

You came here to look for love with an obedient and loving mind. Even though your husband is crippled or deformed, it is God's and True Parents' decision. You should have a strong desire that at the cost of your life you will leave one fruit, which is the sap of your love, on earth. With this quality of desire, you should be able to give birth to sons and daughters. Have such sons and daughters ever been born before?

Father wants to ask you, "With what kind of milk do you feed your baby?" When you nurse your baby, consider that your baby is born as the flower of your united love centering upon God and True Parents. Do you hold and nurse your baby with such an attitude? The most valuable asset for you is your child. If you had looked for money, knowledge or fame in the past, that was a false life. If your couple serves one another with sincerity and tries to pave the way to become True Parents, God will be responsible for your family. Such a family will not die of starvation; neither is it to disappear due to persecution, mockery or name-calling. The environment will surrender to such a family, as it has in Father's case.

Regardless of the opposition of the whole world, Father proceeded to look for true brothers and true tribes. After establishing true tribes, Father went on to look for the true race. After establishing the true race, Father went on to look for the true nation, true world and true spirit world. Reverend Moon has been the representative to look for the world of heaven filled with unity and love.

You don't know how precious the Blessing is. You should become a proud international couple which is qualified to receive God's love as well as His praise. You should pray for the birth of a standard-bearer who will be able to unify your two nations, and also determine to raise your child as the prince of the two nations. Have you prayed like that? If you didn't, you should repent right now.

You should change your fundamental attitude toward life. While shouldering the historical responsibility to confirm the domain of love, and while enduring in order to pass over the suffering course of the cross, you are to make an expedition into happiness in the distance. You will be punished if you forget that you flew here from all over the world to pioneer the way for true love, and your nation will be punished.

The international marriage didn't take place by accident. The traditional mission of the children of those Couples first is to annul the difference between East-West and North-South resulting from authority, knowledge and economic power, and next, on this foundation, is to build a lofty Mount Everest of love.

Are there any Japanese members who want to be martyred for God's will in Korea? The Japanese are told to marry anyone except a Korean; that is the Japanese disposition. I know it clearly. You don't know how contemptuously Father was treated in Japan. There would be no way to end my resentment even if I beat and break the bones of the Japanese. But because I realized God's love and the universal law, I can forgive and bless you; otherwise my eyes would flare with resentment. I can never forget the situation in which I was on the verge of death, bleeding from severe torture. Is it easy to gather such descendants, and make them God's children?

Since you came to Korea, you should fulfill your responsibility while learning Korean tradition. If I am buried in the "Garden of Unification," you will also be buried near me. If you get buried in the same garden as Father, your descendants will be so proud of you. The day is not so far away when your offspring in tears will cherish your memory. You should experience the awesomeness of leaving your traces in history.

To endeavor day and night is the traditional movement and action of the Unification Church.

Korean husbands and Japanese wives! You are not to live for Korea. You are chosen as the worldwide pioneers of love to unite Korea and Japan.

After Japanese members learn Korean in Korea, they should go to the wilderness of Manchuria or Siberia, or prepare to go to Red China. When the Japanese can love Red China more than the Chinese love her, the way to march forward to the world will be open. God's will is to plant the seed of true love even at the sacrifice of your life. Father expects that God's frontliners, who will be able to pioneer the continental dominion, will be born centering upon the Japanese members and their descendants. You are gathered here for such a task.

You came to Korea by an historical summons, so you shouldn't live as Japanese or Europeans any more. Even if you suffer more than the Korean people, you must go out as the frontliners to establish the heavenly tradition. While Father is establishing the worldwide foundation, you came to this fatherland of faith, so you must try harder and sweat more than Father. Have you worked more than have the Japanese members in the United States? Japanese sisters should work more than they suffered in Japan; European members also bear the responsibility to work harder than they did in their countries. No matter how difficult it is, to walk this way is your duty and goal. When your heart becomes one with the homeland of your faith, and when you master the Korean language, I will send you to your country as Korean teachers. Every country will need you. As an advanced contingent, Father matched you as Couples. Do you have time to listen to radio programs? You must study Korean every day until late at night, according to a study schedule. You will be able to spread the Korean language all over the world. You should play the role of connecting your country to God's nation.

The time will come soon when you are proud of having a Korean husband. At the very time of opening the door to the Kingdom by creating the Unification dominion centering on God, you came to Korea. So you foreign wives shouldn't be driven out of this nation, and you Korean husbands should embrace your wives with love and protect them from being driven out. You should experience this elevated and deep heartistic bond while working as the main unit for home church activity. You will have to extend the Unification dominion into your country with an anchor of love holding fast, centering upon the Blessing.

Who will receive more blessing from God? The couple from the same country who risk their lives for the providence, or the couple from enemy nations who are determined to accomplish the Will of love in oneness at the risk of their lives? The internationally married couples will receive more blessing. Knowing that, you should fulfill your responsibility as the messengers of love, in order to pro. vide a good example to Koreans.

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