Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) Opening the Age of International Marriage

I blessed Japanese, Americans and Germans this time. Originally, I wanted to bless some Japanese in 1967, but I couldn't. So I blessed Kuboki as a representative of Japan in the 430 Couples' Blessing in 1969. At first I blessed Japanese, next American, and then I let the anchor of Blessing land with four nations centering upon Germany. Therefore, you should know that a victorious foundation, with representatives of the world's nations setting up indemnity conditions, has been established.

Because I had to establish a world-level foundation, there was an international marriage among 10 different nations after the 430 Couples' Blessing.

The 36 Couples' Blessing was to mark the victory over all the failures of Christian history. It had a mission to revive the central thought of Christianity.

The 72 Couples' Blessing is to bind Cain and Abel in a unified form. The 124 Couples are the representative forms of the world. The 430 Couples were blessed in the very year in which Korea became 4,300 years old. This Blessing established a condition for any Korean who believes in God to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. From that time on, the door of the general age instead of the specific age opened. This taught us that people from all parts of the world are one brotherhood. Father blessed 43 Couples from many nations in the world in 1969; this Blessing had a meaning similar to that of the 430 Couples' Blessing in Korea. The age of international marriage opened after the 430 Couples' Blessing. Through your international marriage, you are to be the families of the world instead of focusing on each other.

The age of the international wedding opened after the 777 Couples' Blessing. There was the 320 Couples' matching ceremony in England; only two percent of the candidates were matched to the same nation (English to English). Young men and women from 27 nations were matched internationally. The mass wedding will be known as the "integration wedding," which is to match people as independent heavenly entities, regardless of nationality, or financial or social background. When the age of opposition to the Unification Church passes, the age of the "integration wedding" will come.

Whoever suffers the most will receive God's blessing. You have the form of an individual but you are not a mere individual. You should live as a representative of God, transcending the individual dimension. A person who lives for the society and the nation is called a loyal subject; and a person who lives for the world and humankind is called a saint. Working for yourself counts for nothing. The result of self-centered action will be fallen and rotten, having no meaning, like the fallen leaves of autumn. A person who works for the whole purpose will be eternally remembered as a champion, a mature fruit in society.

This time everyone was blessed internationally. In order to restore the world, you should have a universal feeling, transcending any national feeling or thought. That's why everybody received an international blessing. Father felt joyful because the Couples were happy. So Father asked them what they can do for Korea. They answered that they can do anything.

No Asian man in human history has done such work in Europe. We can feel the awesome power of the Principle.

If Korea is the champion nation, which is the object nation? It is Japan. That's why many Japanese members want to get married to Koreans, who are the ones closest to Father. They are digging into Korea. International marriage automatically becomes a great success because it is the only way. Why? Because it is the shortcut to heaven.

We are to organize the victorious dominion of the individual, family, tribe, nation and world from the remnants of the satanic world. I plan to arrange many international marriages this time. If that happens, people will be able to change their concept toward the other nations, going over national barriers and limits. There was a matching among members from 27 different European nations; only two percent of the people were matched to the same nation. Others were matched to unexpected partners. Some had language barriers, and some were matched to an enemy nation; but everyone was joyful. Difference in customs might have made them a little awkward, but it was no problem. So the wedding became a topic of interest among the European nations. People started a rumor that Reverend Moon escaped from the United States to England; but actually he gathered European young men and women and arranged their marriage. The members were matched to persons of whom they had never even dreamed. But they were so happy, even though they were matched to total strangers, because Father led them. Outsiders may wonder about those young people!

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