Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Difference between Eastern and Western Culture, and International Marriage

What is great? (Love!) Really? (Yes!) That's right. Then, where's such love? Is love vertical or horizontal? (It is vertical!) Then, is love the power of spiral motion or the power of linear motion? (It's the power of spiral motion!)

Therefore, there is also horizontal love as well as vertical love. Then, which is first? (Vertical love is first!) Why? Centering upon the nose two halves of a human body are identical.

Westerners write horizontally from left to right, but somebody started to write vertically from top to bottom in order to connect heaven and earth. From where will the world become one? When Western thought starts moving around, centering upon Eastern thought, the world can be one. This cannot be actualized by Westerners moving to the East; it should be started by an Eastern man trying to make Westerners one.

You as Westerners are trying to follow and to be one with Father -- an Oriental. This is a phenomenon happening for the first time in human history.

Westerners thought "day" is always with them. Now they are scared because "night" is approaching them. But "night" surely must come, in order to make a full turn so that a higher-dimensional life style can be opened.

Light and darkness exist to make harmony. A person who is ignorant of such a fact doesn't know art. What is God's ideal art work? If there's fighting between white and black, masterpieces cannot come into being.

The white person who only prefers another white person is the same as a picture painted with only white paint. Can it be a masterpiece? From this perspective, all five races are necessary. When the background of a picture is multi-colored, the picture looks more beautiful than the picture with a mono-toned background. In order to make a picture look three-dimensional, various colors should be harmonized.

The Oriental's face and Occidental's face are created in a way complementary to each other. The Occidental's nose is high but the Oriental's is flat. When Occidentals try to kiss, they have to tilt toward the side in order not to bump each other's noses. But it is possible for an Easterner and a Westerner to kiss straight because one nose is high and the other is flat. That is why God also wanted Easterners and Westerners to create harmony in relationships with each other. Therefore, Father encourages international couples, that look more stylish and are closer to a round shape, which can make it easier to revolve around.

Why do I like that? It is because the principle of heaven and earth is so. We should make East and West completely one by solidifying the foundation of love which cannot be separated by any national power. That is the way for the Unification Church to be eternally remembered in history. The world will automatically become one if such a foundation is established.

Do you like flat lands or mountains? There is harmony and mystery in a mountain. We easily get tired of looking at flat land.

Then is the white race closer to flat land or to a mountain?

Western civilization is low, which means to be closer to the flat land. Why do Americans like words starting with "anti"? It shows the inclination to go higher by using new and opposite methods. If we examine American culture closely, we will find this to be commonplace.

But Eastern culture is deep, lofty and mysterious. Westerners have great difficulty understanding Eastern culture, even though they study so much about it. They don't know about Orientals. When Westerners conflict with each other, they try "grappling." They separate "high" from "low" by fighting, but Easterners do it by contemplation or thought. When something is going wrong, they just wait and see it through with patience.

Therefore, it was inevitable that the Occidental civilizations, which tend to favor war, absorbed Oriental civilizations by initiating wars. The white race initiated many of the world's wars. They were the hunting race, eating the bears near the North Pole. Such a race has been leading the history of wars in world cultural history.

When two objects in a relationship become one, strong power is produced. There's a saying that when women gather together, they totally stir up the village. But when a man and woman become one, unprecedented power will manifest. Likewise, when East and West, having completely opposite natures, can become one in love, they will be eternal. That's why nowadays we can see the tendency of Occidentals to imitate the Orient and of Orientals to have affection for the Occident. When cold water and hot water run into one, it explodes; likewise, when an Oriental lives in the West, and when a Westerner stays in the East, they feel very stimulated. Therefore, future marriages all should be international. In managing such events, Father became a standard-bearer for the world.

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