Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Meaning of the International Mass Wedding Ceremony

The power of love is greater than that of atomic bombs. Love resurrects a man with new life, but an atomic bomb just kills a man. It brings not creation but judgment and destruction. The United States and the USSR possess atomic bombs which can destroy the earth tens of thousands of times; but they cannot bring forth world unity because atomic bombs are weapons which kill, having nothing to do with love's power to endow people with new life. True love, not the force of arms, is absolutely necessary for the unity of the world. Temporary unification is possible by force but it would be like living on an active volcano-we would never know when it was going to erupt.

Members of the Unification Church are trying to realize world unity through the weapon of love. One of the activities for this is the international mass wedding ceremony. When a husband and wife from different racial backgrounds try to understand each other's situation and environment and establish a successful love relationship, the world will be one.

When minorities can receive equal benefit from the system and from the civilization, and when advanced nations supply the less advanced nations with techniques, loving to help them be economically independent, instead of exploiting them, humankind will eliminate war and starvation. Because God's love can blossom and bear fruit to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth in such an environment, the Unification Church focuses on such activities. A person whose faith in God is absolute can win the victory. We should go over the racial level and finally overcome the whole world with this thought. This is why the Unification Church claims that the five races should be one in the future. Because God's love is one, interest and affection cannot differ wherever God created land. Interracial marriage is a symbol of God's love and will. Love is considered not to have any national boundary, even by the secular world. How much more is it true in God's dominion? It is fundamentally different from the tragic connection of love made by the history of force. God's love doesn't just seek individual well-being and benefit; it is a devotional way Of love, for the world and all humankind.

Love is the invisible order, peace and core of happiness which promotes the public good at the worldwide level. It is also a public asset and a symbol of God's love and His will.

A new kind of race is being established in the Unification Church. Under the principle that all humankind is of equal value to God, a transcendent race is forming. Unificationists are composed of all races including American, Korean, Japanese, German, African, etc., but they work with the same purpose, which is to establish one world. If five races fight each other, not overcoming the racial walls, then even if we claim to work for God, God will not be with us. Because Father knows that God doesn't like to see such discrimination, he mixed all five races and let them work on the same team. Father knows God's providential desire for one world, so he organized such a combined team in order to break down the racial walls. If Unificationists don't overcome the racial walls, they will not be able to gather together all of humankind, which includes differing histories and cultural traditions.

How can Father bind all the Unificationists into one? To bind them with rope is not complete; neither is it complete to bind them with money, authority or ideology. The only way to bind them is through love.

To bind them in love is the Blessing. And it is not the blessing between a white and a white, rather it is the blessing between a white and a black or a yellow. Likewise a yellow is to be blessed with a black or a white. This is the rope of love. If black, white, and yellow are bound by a rope of love, the children will be different colors, but surely one race. If the ancestors are black and white, there will still be a possibility for a black child to be born out of a white and a white marrying in the future. In spite of parents being white, they will still have black genes in their blood from the mixed blood of their ancestors.

The whites are excited to get married to blacks and Asians. Who made this possible? Did Reverend Moon make it possible? True love did.

Let's imagine that a white woman who is married to a black or a yellow person gives birth to twins; if the twins are a black and a yellow, what will God's heart be when He sees her family? Will He say, "They look ugly so I'll not visit your house," or, "How beautiful they are! I'm so happy with your family"? A white mother giving birth to black and yellow babies would be the most beautiful scene on earth. It would be the utmost beauty that human history ever created. It is most beautiful to see a white butterfly, a red spotted butterfly, and a yellow butterfly together fluttering around a flower. This is the same principle.

One love starts where one mind gathers. Love can visit where minds becomes one. First of all, we should make an environment where love is cherished. Therefore, wherever the mind goes, love follows. The Kingdom of Love is possible when the father's mind and the mother's mind are one in a family.

The Kingdom of Heaven comes earlier to the family of a white and a black than to an all-white family because the united mind of whites can establish the family-level Kingdom of Heaven, but it is still far away from the worldwide Kingdom of Heaven. The way to the world level opens for the united family of a white and a black. Therefore, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established first in an internationally married couple. Two-thirds of the divorce cases in the United States are caused by women. Woman fell first by Satan's temptation in the Garden of Eden. Without women nothing can be done, so they need true education. Such an education has not been given successfully by any prominent scholars or religious leaders. In such an age, international marriage is a topic of discussion not only in the United States, but in the whole world. Unificationism is enabling people to engage in international marriages which transcend racial walls.

The Unification Church appeared in order to solve all the complicated world problems of the different cultural and environmental backgrounds. So you as a representative of the world should be able to solve all difficult matters through bearing a heartistic cross. In that sense, an internationally married family is greater than any other family. God's love will visit the successful international married Couples. Because those families bear a family-level cross for the world and they represent the honor of the Unification Church, their way is to be solemn and grave. There will be a day when the people who are married to the same race will have to congratulate the internationally married Couples with gifts.

Our sisters! Wanting to get married only to whites is satanic thinking. Even though I'm Korean, my perspective is not limited to Korea. I'm the one who first thinks of the world. We have to set up such a tradition. If five races in the transcendent religion become one in love, the new morning of utmost glory, which God desires, will dawn.

Nowadays many members of the Unification Church participate in international marriage, transcending national boundaries. There are many Couples who cannot communicate with each other because of the language barrier; they are willing to invest all of their lives and youth. For whom do they invest their precious youth? The world is blocked up by the national barriers, so they want to break down those walls. By walking such a suffering course earlier than others, we are to establish God's foundation, on which all the races and nations can be united. If a person accepts such a course with gratitude, he or she will be considered a victorious one, historically and universally.

In order to overcome racial war and sexual corruption, we held an international mass wedding ceremony.

Father is in the position to represent myriads of nations. That's why Father sends Korean men and Korean women out to the world by means of an international Blessing. This is the best way to love the world.

Korea is groping for progress in the realm of international competition; likewise the Unification Church should embark on the international stage in order to establish a cultural realm centering upon the new Unificationism. We have a mission to establish subjective love for the new world. That's why our marriage ceremonies are held internationally.

From now on, all of your close relatives will try to serve Father. At that time, I will visit the internationally-married Couples, first because they are the ones who accomplished the heartistic revolution.

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