Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) All Humankind Are One Brotherhood and One Family

When people resurrected through the Principle become one, transcending the nation and the world, they are one brotherhood. Then white, black or yellow races won't exist. The skin color may be a little different because of climate and environment, but the bone, skin, blood and mind will be the same.

For example, let's look at pine trees. As they move from the extreme arctic regions to the temperate regions, trees become different. They vary according to their environment and history. Let's also look at bears. The bears at the North Pole are white to protect themselves in an environment which is white.

The white race, like white bears at the North Pole, have to be white due to the environment, because the protective color is white.

The white race is like white bears at the North Pole while the black race is like the black bears in the temperate zone. That's the only difference. Can the bears discriminate against each other "because you are white" or "because you are black"?

If the white race has this idea, they will lose the game numerically to the black and yellow races, because whites are only one-third of the whole population. If they have such an idea in this specific era when the communists are at the height of violence, they will be a definite target of attack. Therefore, this idea must be cleaned out as quickly as possible.

Five different races -- Asian, Hispanic, white, black, etc. -- are here. What color or hue would appear if we mixed all the races? Any color is okay with us. The Unification Church transcends race.

So many kinds of flowers blossom in the spring. No painter can exceed a flower in expressing its beauty. We cannot compare the value of a real flower with that of a drawing of a flower. Regardless of color-black or white-flowers are all beautiful. When we mix seven colors, they become one.

If give and take is performed evenly and fairly between different entities, unification will be brought forth. White symbolizes peace, which means reconciliation with or compromise. Originally, the white race symbolizes the race which can bring about peace, but they didn't fulfill their responsibility.

The white race have been meat-eaters. Their white skin color was protective. Originally, they lived in the Scandinavian peninsula and the North Pole. They survived by hunting on ice and snow. They didn't do farming, but instead ate meat. That's why they have the nature to attack other nations.

But blacks used to eat fruit or plants in the southern area. They have been invaded a lot but they invaded others less. Instead, their daily work was to eat and play. Because they had enough food for survival, they weren't greedy. The time will surely come for blacks to be blessed if they have absolute faith in God.

The whites didn't have any other way to eat except by hunting, so they hunted and invaded others. God called them because He needed the white people's role in the restorational process. Due to the Christian faith, the whites became international, but the blacks shouldn't be disappointed. Even though they are proud of themselves, the whites have a record of invading other nations. On the other hand, Easterners have a religious inclination. While eating fruit, they think.

With respect to races, inferiority or superiority doesn't exist. Color counts for nothing. What matters is how in a fundamental sense we can come closer to the historical tradition and God.

All should become one. The Unification Church holds inter~ national marriage ceremonies. Westerners are married to Orientals; marriage with no regard to race is the most beautiful scene in human history. The problem appears when we cannot transcend racial barriers. These marriages will be seen as truly great 10, 20 or 30 years from now. Humankind will perish without such international thinking. Human beings are brothers and sisters centering upon God. There's no excuse for all of us not to be one in front of God.

There are many people with different nationalities in this room. If someone says, "I'm not interested in a black or a yellow spouse," he or she is opposing God, because God wants to make all races one. Therefore, if someone says, "I'm not interested in other races," he or she won't go on a path parallel with God.

The mass wedding ceremony is one of the most remarkable international activities of the Unification Church. Through marriage, Father implants an idea that we are one people. God's nature and His blood are in blacks. Asians and Africans have one mind. Blood is continuously circulating throughout the whole body. Blood is circulating even between the smelly toes; likewise God's blood is circulating in all the vessels of humankind. The Unification Church holds international marriages to break down the walls of the world. When we can go into every country without restriction because of these international marriages, the walls which were high and strong will be destroyed. Love is the most powerful force. There was the 118 Couples' mass wedding ceremony in England, and most of them volunteered for an international marriage. As such a movement expands, the world will become one naturally.

A black marrying a white was considered a sin in the past, but the two extremes becoming one is in line with God's ideal. We are doing such work. When whites are ordered to look for ideal spouses, if they choose black people as their ideal spouses, their nation will prosper; and such a nation can be the Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody except Father and the Unification Church can initiate such a work. God wouldn't complain about the disappearance of the white race. God would be happier if He could find genuine human nature instead of a genuine white person. Our families should be able to follow the viewpoint of God's will.

Black members may be hesitant when they enter white society; but after knowing God's will, they should stick out their chest with pride and without any shyness. This is a story about a German sister. At the Blessing, she asked to marry an African. Racial discrimination still exists in American society, but she married an African in order to understand the meaning of true love. She thought of God's concern, regardless of the prevailing social views. To have such a mental attitude is to feel keenly God's will and His love. The mind to took at everyone as part of one's family has great value.

We know how difficult building the Kingdom of Heaven is. The Kingdom of Heaven cannot be established by a general and ordinary method. Without having the conviction to sacrifice oneself for the sake of the whole by knowing God's heartistic situation, we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven. When we act with such conviction, God has to help and bless us. Eternal happiness ties in the person with whom God always dwells. Therefore, the conclusion is that God's love and eternal happiness are with the person who wants to establish an eternal Kingdom of Heaven. Eternal happiness exists centering upon an eternal ideal.

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