Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Internationalism Centering Upon God

The Unification Church holds mass wedding ceremonies. Marriages are arranged between different nationalities or between different races with different skin colors, transcending ethnic backgrounds. In the United States, which is a land of severe racial discrimination, white people are prejudiced against getting married to black people. Interracial marriage is only possible centering upon God-centered internationalism-Godism which transcends ethnic and national barriers.

I mentioned this in America. Unification Church members belong to the "love race." What kind of love race is it? They are the race unified and connected with God's love. If this race grows, what will they be? They will be a love nation. The population of Korea is 40 million now. If the population of Unification Church members surpasses 40 million, their power will exceed Korea. Their donation will exceed Korean taxes. For them the Unification Church has more value than their family, society and nation because the Unification Church is their true Fatherland of their faith and Motherland of their mind.

Furthermore, they are the love race and love nation closely connected centering upon God. Only Godism-namely, one internationalism or brotherhood centering upon one God as parents exists here.

Generally internationalism means to see the world as one nation and all humankind as compatriots, but the internationalism the Unification Church is talking about transcends all the walls from the family level. It is an "ism" to establish one world with one God as parents and all humankind as full brothers and sisters. Isn't it a fascination-ism?

Because the Unification Church has such an ideology, this movement is rapidly extending to the worldwide level.

Basically we have two kinds of love. One is humanistic love and the other is God's love. These two should be harmonized well to become one love.

A circle revolves centering upon one point. When this circular motion returns to the central point, it cannot help but move again out of the center. To naturally rotate in and out means that there are no obstacles blocking the way. The central point of this circular motion is the core of the movement. In order to take this central position, the Messiah is to come. Heavenly love initiated from the core -- the Messiah -- can move outward.

So far, the ideal world harmonizing human love and God's love has been considered a mere ideal existing only in a dream world. The Messiah is the one who will actualize the impossible into the substantial. And this is at hand. The Unification Church was born to accomplish this purpose. Reverend Moon's utmost contribution is to bring all humankind together under a common goal and to realize one harmonious ideal centering upon God's love.

The quickest shortcut to bring the unity of the races is international marriage. A man and a woman selected from two totally different cultural and environmental backgrounds are to become one with the love of God. This is complete harmony and unification.

We are to realize such an ideal. In order to accomplish a great work, we should find the gigantic power of love. Such a great power only comes from the utmost power of love. That is not the love played fast and loose with societal and environmental changes. Only the utmost love can transcend the boundaries of nationality, race, culture and knowledge.

In human history, myriads of races and nations have fought each other as enemies and been divided. Father wants to resolve this. Let us pioneer a new heartistic connection. The Unification Church is to break down the national barriers through the international mass wedding ceremonies and to raise rapidly the heartistic indemnity foundation.

Let us jump from hell on earth to the palace in heaven by making this kind of marriage a stepping stone.

You can meet freely, but you cannot separate as you wish. It is a miracle that a man and a woman meet among a large number of people; so to meet is not easy. Moreover, meeting in the Unification Church is related not only to earth but also to the eternal heaven. You are to enter not only the providence but also heaven. It is a dual miracle that you meet in the providential history. Generally, a white gets married to a white, but why is a white woman married to a black man? A waterfall cannot flow upside down. Father thinks it is done correctly even though secular people think it is done backwards.

A white woman whose mind is broad enough to accept a black husband will give birth to great sons and daughters. You are to embrace each other in the same manner as a hen embraces her chicks. When two people digest each other's complicated life contents, they make a beautiful harmony. As a result of digesting each other, you will grow bigger and bigger and you'll have great hope for the future

If a British woman becomes a queen through an international marriage with a Japanese man, Britain will be able to get aid from Japan when she is in difficulty. The way for a country to be prosperous can also be found in an international marriage. The world can become one from now on. It is possible. No one can swear that such a unity will not happen.

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