Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

12) The Ones Who Will Be the Owners of the New Age

The owner of the new age should be the international leader with a new ideology to go forward into the world, transcending nations. If Korea can do the job, she will stand in such an owner's position. We shouldn't want to work just for Korea. We are in a big fountain-like position to control the world, so we should prepare all the requirements for that position. There are Cain and Abel in fountain-like positions. It is time for both sides to be united even though they fought from separate positions in the past. In order to make such a unity, we are to transcend national concepts and barriers. Otherwise we will be divided again.

Then what shall I do? Each individual should also become the sacrifice for the world. The families, the Unification Church as a tribe, and the whole nation of Korea all should become the sacrifices. This is the conclusion. And then to restore the whole spirit world, humankind should be the sacrifice. It doesn't mean that the three billion people all at once become sacrifices. It means to set up the condition to sacrifice the representatives of the world. Owing to such a condition, the spirit world will be liberated. Our job is such an enormous one. Unless you love your nation, you cannot love the world. What is the purpose of loving one's own nation? It is to love the world more. So far people didn't know that fact. The communists also didn't know. From now on if you don't know that fact, you will perish.

Father is a very cruel man. I don't feel good when I see blessed Couples cherish their children so much. They should let the children suffer. If their mission is done in Korea, they should let the children stand on the worldwide stage. When a sacrifice survives, all humankind and the spirit bodies will bow down to the sacrifice. The sacrifice who was put on an altar can meet the Lord and receive the blessing because of his or her sincere loyalty. If there's a nation resembling Isaac, who was once put on an altar but survived and finally received God's blessing, that nation will dominate the world. That's the fate of restorational history. What kind of person does history remember? A person who died centering upon an individual purpose cannot be remembered as a respectable example. A person who died for the family can be an adored model for many individuals; a person who died for a nation, centering upon a religion, can be an honorable model for the families; a person who died for the world in the name of religion can be a respectable model for the nation which is seeking after religion.

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