Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

11) The Restoration Of The Family-Level Canaan On The World Level

What is the difference between the Unification Church and other churches? Religion so far has been directed toward individual salvation. In other words, the perfection of human beings, or the perfection of the personality, was the goal of religion. But the Unification Church has been working for the perfection of families as well as for individual salvation. Religion advocating individual salvation required the sacrificial life of individuals, but the Unification Church, advocating perfection of families, claims that the requirement for the perfection of families is the sacrifice of families, centering upon God.

When the Israelites were returning to Canaan from Egypt, they didn't have families; they couldn't have families. The families at that time belonged to the satanic dominion in the providential viewpoint. That was the age for restoring the individual Canaan.

The Israelites entered Canaan centering upon individuals, not centering upon families; they were in an age to enter Canaan centered upon individuals. But now we are in an age to enter Canaan centered upon families. Therefore, all the families in the Unification Church are walking a course of restoration to Canaan.

Where is the Canaan of which the Unification Church talks? It is the castle of the earth, in which everyone can have a happy life. Canaan for the Israelites was limited to a certain area, but our Canaan is the world. The dimension is different.

In what kind of age is the Unification Church? It is in an age to develop the restoration of the family-level Canaan, which hasn't existed in history, onto the world stage. The modern age is an age of a great migration of families. That's why all the blessed families in Korea, Japan and the United States are moving around, like a multitude of Gypsies moving around the castle of the earth. The Unification Church members are like Gypsies. They are not settling down yet.

We are now walking a 21-year course to restore Canaan. If we dash along in this period, indifferent to life and death, we will arrive in the worldwide Canaan and start paving the foundation there. Forty years later the whole world will be the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven. In the year 2000, which is 40 years after the initiating year 1960, the Kingdom of Heaven will be completely realized.

The Unification Church is in the worldwide restorational age of the family-level Canaan. Don't prepare a heavy bag for yourself. The heavier your bag becomes, the more you will lose. That's why Father ordered us not to buy houses until the end of the third seven-year course. It means not to make your bag too big.

Now you are not supposed to have your own belongings. All the things in the world should be claimed as God's before being claimed as yours. Next they are to belong to the True Parents, and then they will be bequeathed to you. Such an arrangement hasn't yet been established with an international standard. Unification soldiers are wandering about to save the nation. Unless you accomplish the whole purpose, your portion of land and ownership cannot exist. We will go through the same history as the 12 tribes Of Israel, who couldn't divide the land of Canaan until they had restored the blessed land.

It was not until I went to the United States that I bought a house. Father didn't own a house in Korea. Father bought a house for the first time in the United States, because to fight without having a house is a dishonor to God there. After restoring the nation, we are to own a house. If you own a house without restoring the nation, you never know when it will be stolen away. Restoration of the nation is not enough. We are to restore the world. If you are just happy with the restoration of the nation, without restoring the world, you will never know when you will be invaded by the enemy.

You should determine to save the world at the price of Korea, even if Korea Is completely restored and stands upright in front of God's will. After at least setting up the foundation in Korea to save the world, Korea will become the heavenly blessed land where you can take Sabbath. You should know that the Kingdom of Heaven will be established on earth after fulfilling the worldwide responsibility.

You should always live in the name of God and Father. . . Even though you feed your children with barley rice (humble food), you should be able to happily say, "Father! Our family will be the sacrifice if there's a way to save the nation." That is precious.

The Unification Church is working to create Canaan out of the Third Israel, so you should explore the entire peninsula of Korea. You should go out to the alien land while leaving an altar of blood, sweat and tears in your hometown, and return back. Unless you go out while leaving an altar, or God's promise, in the land where your disciples representing 12 tribes live, the nation of Israel will not be born when you try to return, and there actually will be no way to return. That's why Reverend Moon has been leading such a course. Father can return home from the United States because there is a dominion of Israel with such an altar there. Father has struggled through a bloody course to make such an altar on the individual, tribal and national levels. Unless Father made the condition to return, He could not have come back. If there is a group of people who welcome Father with such a condition, they will be the ones who want to capture and utilize Father.

In order to establish such a realm of Israel in Korea, Father ordered all the blessed families to launch a "big movement."

Blessed families should go to the assigned land, because to look for Canaan from Egypt is restorational history. Therefore, all the Unification members who are in Egypt should sweep aside all the obstacles there and go forward to Canaan. Such a wilderness course is assigned to each person. I mean abandon your family first and march for Canaan. Go! Neither your family nor your house should matter. It is inevitable that you go. You'll see later why you have to go. I'll not explain in detail. The Unification Church in Korea is in a big national movement (migration); and it is moving to the world level.

Why does Father do that? Because God hates to see even a little trace of Satan. He doesn't want to see anything centering upon Satan. In order to destroy such a harmful Satan, God has to be severe. God will let you suffer much more than did the slaves in Egypt. While suffering, you shouldn't think of the life you had in Egypt. In the wilderness, you should think only about God's will. In order to lead you into such thinking, God attacks you. Father himself has been going this way.

The restoration course to Canaan is a course of battles. Father is leading the blessed families in the same way Moses led 600,000 people, which means that Father is fulfilling Moses' mission. Blessed families should be able to freely move left and right, up and down according to Father's direction. You shouldn't say, "I cannot go because of my son," or, "I cannot go because of my wife." If you do, you will perish. If you are ordered to go over the valley, you should do it willingly. If you are told to swim across the river, you should do it. To avoid drowning you should fasten yourself to the person already across the river by a straw rope around your neck. Even if you have to cross in this way, if you don't go across the river, you will die.

The Israelites perished because they didn't go across the Jordan River. What is the Jordan river? It is the borderline between God's dominion and Satan's dominion. In other words, it is the river of boundary.

Therefore, if a husband comes across the river first, he should pull his wife by the straw rope which is fastened around her neck. If she dies, you should have the determination to resurrect her by artificial respiration. With such a mental attitude, your family will be saved. Parents should know that it is time for their children to have the adventure of crossing the Jordan River.

Your family should be centering upon God's will, and you should be completely one with Father as a living example helping you to manage your collective life. Husband and wife, parents and children should be one in heart; and the family should be one with God and Father in heart and in will so that the whole family can go over the boundary when they hear the "last order." You are on the verge of such a moment. You should cross over the Jordan River at once when such an order is proclaimed. Wasn't it the same when the Israelites had to cross the Red Sea? At the very moment God separated the waters, they had to cross immediately. If you miss that moment, you will perish.

We are in the restorational age on the family-level Canaan, moving to the worldwide level. The Jordan River lies across our path. You are to transfer your family to the victorious Kingdom of Heaven and the original home-the place over the river. Such a responsibility is given to you. If you cannot transfer to the other side now, enormous resentment will remain.

Moses died looking at the Jordan River, didn't he? The first generation Israelites became the prey of eagles, didn't they? Such a history lies in front of us. Father goes this way at the risk of his life because he knows this.

There's no time for me to be sick or to take a rest. When my body is sick, I would sometimes wish to die right at that moment because it would be better to die while working for the Will than to die leaving the resentment of not fulfilling my responsibility on earth. I would at least be able to make a reasonable excuse for not fulfilling my responsibility in the spirit world; but if you die without fulfilling your responsibility, there will be no way to excuse yourself.

Today you've brought many children. Aren't they lovely? You should love God's will more than your children. In the past, Father left his child and wife for God's will. Even though Father had no food or money, God ordered him to go. God is cruet in front of the Will. If you think about your wife's suffering or child's misery, you cannot go forward.

Since Father has gone through such a course, you should at least have an attitude to go such a way, and even try to mimic Father. You are suffering even after the Blessing. If you suffer for the sake of the world, you, instead of the world, will get the blessing. You don't get the blessing in a comfortable bed, but the blessing will be given to a person bearing a cross of blood and misery. You are to take over the blessing at the summit of the family-level cross and at an intersection of life and death.

You should show a good example in front of your children by being a good husband or wife. You should be able to educate your children saying, "God is joyful when He sees the complete oneness of father and mother, so you should be like that, okay?"; and you are to prepare an altar for God to dwell inside your family. Then you'll receive the blessing. If you follow this, you'll never starve. There is limitless food all over. God is even feeding the satanic world. Do you think He will let the blessed families, who are determined to be loyal for God's Will, starve? Absolutely not.

There have been so many stifling accidents while walking the providential road, in fighting for the nation and the world. Father couldn't even talk with Mother or his children about those experiences. Many times I walked, dog-tired, like a crazy man. Whenever I walked like this, God helped me in unimaginable ways. That would make me keep on going.

You worry about your wife or your children, but the Will doesn't go that way. The Will is to save the tribe by sacrificing the family, to save the world by sacrificing the tribe, and to liberate hell by sacrificing even the world. With such a clear way to go? If worries for your wife or children prevent you from acting, you will die out.

The way for the Unification Church is to go forward centering upon God and True Parents, regardless of any difficulties and distress. The Israelites wandered about, losing their direction in the wilderness. Likewise, humankind is roaming about without direction in a desert-like world. During a voyage, if a ship loses its compass, the sailors find their direction by looking at the North Star. Likewise, the Unification Church is the North Star for the people who have lost their direction for life in this desert-like world.

Father has set up the worldwide indemnity condition at the risk of his life. Father accomplished 95% of it, so you have to establish the remaining 5%. By fulfilling this responsibility, the father-son relationship is determined, and the matter of entry in the Kingdom of Heaven appears. You have to register your name in the Kingdom of Heaven some day, right? The entry in the Kingdom of Heaven is not determined in the spirit world but on earth. The foundation for the entry is not yet established. Therefore, Father has to quickly prepare the foundation for the entry centering upon one nation. Otherwise, the world is to be destroyed. Have you registered in heaven? Many important matters remain for Father to deal with for example, making a distinct heavenly constitution. Therefore, internally Father is really anxious. There's no time to take a break, not even one moment.

When the family of a stepson becomes one with True Children, they can go over the completion stage in 7 years, which means they enter God's direct dominion. But the mission to restore the connected body of spiritual children, namely individual, family, tribe, nation and world, still remains. Blessed families themselves have the mission to restore the world. Therefore, they have to sacrifice until the world is restored. Father, instead of you, has been extending the representative foundation of the whole indemnity course into the family, tribe, nation and world in the third seven-year course. So you in the position of spiritual children, namely in the position of the families of stepsons, should serve True Parents with one unified heart in order to develop a worldwide standard. Then you will go over the worldwide completion stage dominion.

Until that moment, you shouldn't think of settling your family down in a safe place. We are still wandering about in the worldwide wilderness. It is not time yet to settle down in the land of Canaan. Therefore, even though your family settles down in a certain place, it is not an eternal settlement.

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