Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

10) The Way the Blessed Couples Should Go

You shouldn't go through the blessing process with a worldly viewpoint. You shouldn't just go through the process without knowing the tangled history behind it. If you proceed on your way knowing the full story behind the Blessing, you will control the world. When you direct yourself toward one purpose, the world will align with that direction.

Therefore, the blessed couples cannot live their lives on their own. They are to live always keeping a public commitment for God and the nation. Whether your spouse is handsome or not doesn't matter; his or her purposefulness is the matter to be considered. What is important is to prepare, during your lifetime on earth, a proper way for your descendants to go.

It is wrong to demand that your spouse love you. That kind of love cannot be acknowledged. After demanding that your spouse loves the nation and the world, you can ask him or her to love you. This is the right way for the blessed Couples to go. It applies to both husband and wife. You should be able to ask your spouse to love the nation, world and God instead of loving you. Next, have you loved heaven, the world and the nation? That's the problem. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, their love would have represented the love of heaven and earth, the world and the nation. It all starts from this point.

By the way, when have you been in the position to love the nation, the world and God on the restorational road? You haven't been in such a position. Such a position cannot be established with an attitude in which you ask for self-centered love and demand self-centered relationships to satisfy your happiness. With such a concept, you cannot go on the road which all the blessed families should walk.

Blessed families have the destiny to restore love for God, the world, the nation, and the tribe, which Adam and Eve failed to develop due to the fall. Therefore, you are to love God above and beyond the nation and the world.

You are to love the world with the recognition that you first loved God; and to love the nation with the recognition that you loved the world; and to love the tribe with the recognition that you loved the nation; and to love your family with the recognition that you loved your tribe. After getting an acknowledgment from God that you loved your family, you are allowed conjugal love. You are supposed to love in this reverse way.

Disunited blessed families are self-centered families. Such disunity results from forgetting God's will. So a wife should say to her husband, "You should be able to love God before loving me; love the world with the recognition that you loved God; love the nation with the recognition that you loved the world; love the tribe with the recognition that you loved the nation; love the family with the recognition that you loved the tribe."

Blessed families shouldn't say habitual words such as "Love me only" or "You are mine." Whenever a wife has time, she should set up a very serious condition to make her husband not be a selfish man. A husband also should do the same to make his wife unselfish. They should help and lead each other with their utmost energy. The people who have the responsibility to give courage to each other and to lead or be led by each other are husband and wife -- the family.

Blessed families should love the world, nation and tribe more than their own families. And they are to love their relatives and fellow blessed members. If there's such a family, it will be recognized easily, even among the thousands of people and ten thousands of families. In the family where the husband and wife are completely one, the attitude of loving the nation, world and heaven is expressed naturally. In this way, the husband and wife should be one.

If a husband and a wife cannot find the nation which they must find, they should even separate to find it. If they are confident to find it together, they may also try that way. Otherwise, they will leave a condition of resentment and have to return to earth and cooperate with their offspring. Therefore, open the door for God, the world, and the nation to go through. Come down reversely. With such recognition from God, you should start. In order to do that, what matters is whether they fought for the world and nation in union or not, and whether they fulfilled filial piety and loyalty to the nation or not.

Blessed families are to bear the dual crosses respectively, from the day of their Blessing. The man should be responsible for the woman's world as well as for his own world; and the woman should be responsible for the man's world as well as for her own world. They shouldn't leave any condition to be accused by Satan in this process. You should know that this is the way for blessed families to follow.

What is the instruction for the blessed families of the Unification Church? It is not to love Korea but to love the whole world centering on Korea. After loving the world, they are to make a family nest. In that way, the Kingdom of Heaven will start. The man without a nation is miserable. If there's no national sovereignty, people will be overturned by the enemy, even though there's so much love in the family.

In order for an individual to take Sabbath -- a holy day of rest -- the family foundation is essential; and in order for a family to take a Sabbath, they should indemnify the tribal cross. After establishing a peaceful site centering upon the tribal boundary, they can take rest. Therefore, in order to take Sabbath, you have to deal with the next higher level, which involves suffering.

The way that the blessed families should go after receiving the Blessing is not one which is for the sake of the Couples. For a couple to find the place for their Sabbath, they should work for the tribe first; and the tribe should exist for the nation before they feel they can take Sabbath; and the nation should exist for the world before it takes Sabbath.

In this respect, you should know clearly that the Blessing is not for your own happiness. You should have the conviction that the Blessing is so that you may represent the whole. When a couple with such an attitude forms a family, finally the family can go forward to the world level. What kind of place is the Kingdom of Heaven? Anyone who has been in a conventional church should listen to this very clearly: the Kingdom of Heaven is the place for the people who love the world as they love their sons and daughters in God's position. What does that mean? You are supposed to love the world more than you love your spouse.

You should clearly determine whether to love your spouse more, or to love the world more, centering upon God's will. What should you do? [We should love the world more.] You all know that. A woman who can save the world even by sacrificing her husband is God's daughter, whom God can trust; and a man who wants to save the world even by sacrificing his wife is God's son. This is God's will.

Blessed families have responsibilities to fulfill from the very day of their Blessing. The responsibility is not to form a family, but to form a nation together. All the blessed families in unity should organize the new tribes centering on the new perspective of the world. In order to form a new nation, a new tribe first should be organized. The tribe should not be in disunity, but should be one unified tribe.

So the purpose of all the blessed families should be the same. Because there are few chosen families established in the satanic world, they are always in the position to be attracted by Satan. That's why they should always be internally strong enough to overcome the external pressure from the satanic environment. In order to surpass the external power of the environment, complete unity within the blessed families is vital. If they can become completely one, they will be able to overcome any satanic invasions. From such a concentrated substantial body, a new tribe which is free from Satan's invasion can be formed. Isn't it right that a new nation will come into being through the unity of such tribes? The blessed families are to go forward until they can embrace the world as well as the nation through their families. You cannot help but go such a way, even if you don't want to.

If you don't follow the way that the blessed families should go, you will not be able to live in the spirit world. You might misunderstand, and expect that you as blessed families will surely live happily in the spirit world; but the heavenly law is not established in such a way. Through the Blessing, you should become the core of honorable substance among the myriads of people in the world today. That is the original attitude, but there's nobody with such an attitude in this fallen world.

So many nations are scattered in the world. Because such nations are now the encampments of the enemy, you, in the place of God, should restore them into the realm of God's victorious guiding authority. Then you are to stand in a position to return glory and praise to God. If you go to the spirit world without having been in such an original position, you will not find any place to take Sabbath. Therefore, you should pull your husband or wife and even your children, and have them cooperate in restoring the world. The families in such a position are the blessed families.

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