Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Inevitable Destiny of the Blessed Families

You may want to ask why you have to witness, to go up to the point of death, and to suffer. It is because we are blessed in the fallen world, not in a place transcending the fallen environment.

When we accomplish a family-level dominion, we find that Satan already has dominion over the tribe. When we accomplish the tribal dominion, we find that Satan has national dominion. When we accomplish the national dominion, we find that Satan already has worldwide dominion.

Even though we are blessed in the satanic world, there's a great distance between the satanic dominion and our blessed families. The hills remain to be crossed. Each blessed family has tribal, ethnic, national and worldwide hills to go over.

You may misunderstand, and think that the Blessing is the end of suffering. But you didn't get the Blessing out of this world. You didn't get any victory over the world, neither did the world invoke a blessing upon you. Instead, you are positioned as the Abel family under satanic dominion and Cain's dominion. From the external viewpoint, the Cain-side world never blesses the Abel family; rather the satanic side surely persecutes the heavenly side. So in the process, you are to receive persecution.

Father had the Holy Wedding in 1960, but the ceremony was not accomplished on the victorious and complete foundation of having won over Satan in the physical and spirit world. Father's family inherited the same situation as Jesus, and received the worst persecution on the national level. Therefore, even though the family started to form a new tribe, nation and world, they were destined to be persecuted by the satanic world.

The inevitable destiny of Father's family and your family is to overcome the world. How do we overcome the world? It should be accomplished not after death but by going through the indemnity course in our lifetime. In the way of indemnity, a certain period, a conditional offering, and an Abel-type central figure representing Adam are needed. Father himself also definitely has to set up certain conditions in the indemnity period for world history. The condition is to leave a substantial result of loving and living for the nation and the entire world.

That's why Father in the position of Abel has lived for the Cain-side individual, tribe, nation and world, even though they have severely persecuted him. Unless he survives this severe process and establishes a victorious foundation, Father cannot propagate the Abel-centered ideology to the satanic-side individual, family, tribe, nation and world.

Where should our families put their combined desire? They should put it in a conviction to become the families who live for the sake of the nation and the world. And they should feel responsible as God's representatives to form God's nation and world. They should be able to pull all of their action together based upon such a mind.

Even though you work on a smaller level in a limited environment, the question of whose orders you are following is very important. The conviction that you are receiving God's orders or the summons of the nation and the world is essential. You are working as the world's representative in that limited environment. You also work as the nation's representative in that limited environment. The same is true with your individual work. They are all the same, but the result differs, depending upon the background of the orders.

It seems as if there's no difference between your individual work and the work representing the world. If you are to work following the world's orders, you will belong to the world; if you work following the nation's orders, your work done even in a limited environment can be contributed to the nation.

Since history has looked for a man for 6,000 years, 6,000 years were added to you. So are you the man for whom history has been searching? Have you won over Satan? Have you or haven't you? You are not qualified.

You should make the national Satan and the world-level Satan surrender. Who has done that? Father alone did, while all Korea opposed him.

Always you should go the same way Father goes. If Father goes east, you should go east. If Father goes west, South, or north, you should respectively follow the same way. Without having confidence to follow, you cannot get the glory of victory.

So you should determine internally to return a grateful heart in front of Father and actualize it externally. It is no use if you don't express externally the internal determination. It is not right to go the providential way with just your mind. Action should follow mental desire. Inside and outside should be one.

You should pray for this. When nursing your baby, ask yourself, "Do I love the nation more than this baby?" and "Have I loved the nation more than I loved my husband?" Husbands also should ask themselves if they love the nation more than their wives and children. Otherwise you cannot enter heaven. In order to set up such a tradition, you should work for the nation and the world, abandoning your family. You should know this concept very clearly.

Even after eating, you should proceed saying, "Father! I'll go forward for the Republic of Korea and the whole world." On the way, there will definitely be an enemy; how to get a natural surrender, not a forcible surrender, is the problem. Is it easy? You may think destruction is simple and easy, but destruction doesn't solve the problem. The heavenly tactic is to be beaten first and to win victory later. That is the only way to solve the problem. That's why Father lets members suffer.

My way is the one that 30 million Koreans have to follow. Humankind also has to follow it. To do that you should eat, live, and die for the sake of that way.

Otherwise, you cannot lead a life of attendance for God's will. If there's an order to do that, you should go straight in the direction of the order. You shouldn't think of returning. Going forward at the intersection of life and death is the way of filial piety and loyalty. What I mean by this is that you should go forward at the risk of death in the position in which you can express the utmost value of living and dying. Without passing through this position, you cannot set up the way of filial piety and loyalty. This is the way to march on preparing for death. Even if you fall down, it doesn't matter when you risk your life for the purpose. If you have to die, it's better to die while going straight forward.

In the perilous situation of your parents having died and your family going down, you shouldn't make a fuss about a little bleeding at the tip of your finger. You should have the attitude, "Let it bleed; I have my work to do." When the nation's survival is at risk, you don't have any extra time to worry about your survival, your children's schooling, or your spouse.

Because we are in a very difficult time, one which determines whether or not the nation and the world will be demolished, we must make a very sincere effort with one united heart. We should make a very strong determination to be loyal at the risk of our lives.

In order to restore the world, we are to love the nation more than the tribe, and the world more than the nation. Therefore, we should be in a hurry for the restoration of the world.

It doesn't even matter if you sacrifice your own sons and daughters or family for the sake of restoring the world. That's why I want to make you suffer; otherwise, we cannot save Korea. Is it possible to create a peaceful world without sacrifices? When you sacrifice for the world, history develops. Why do I demand such a strategy? By going through such a process, you can set up complete indemnity conditions.

What kind of church is the Unification Church? You should know clearly. You should be able to love the world even at the sacrifice of your husbands. The women who can sacrifice their husbands are world-level women. The parents who can sacrifice their sons and daughters for the sake of the world are world-level parents. If there are sons and daughters who travel the path of death with a burning heart to love the world, they are true sons and daughters of filial piety. Do you understand? You should go this worldwide and universal way.

The Kingdom of Heaven starts from a family. The central course of the Unification Church is to sacrifice families for national restoration. In order to do that you should gather all the conventional churches together. Father is responsible for the blessed families, and the blessed families are responsible for the conventional churches. If you can accomplish this, then the restoration of the nation will be no problem. To set up the condition for this, Father blessed 430 Couples. Therefore, if we push forward in unity, it will take three years for national restoration.

There have been many righteous and loyal individuals thus far, but the unit of loyalty and righteousness in the future should be the family. So loyal families should come forth. Without the appearance of loyal families, the loyal tribe cannot come into being. The nation which can win God's official commendation should appear. For that purpose, we have to go forward with a definite determination.

Restoration cannot be compromised by the nation. It is to be reinforced by giving one's blood and flesh, and it is to be strengthened by the reorganization of one's kin from the position of denying ourselves. The way of restoration cannot be walked alone; one should set up the condition for one's family to walk along as well. This is love.

Family members should grit their teeth and give up the desire to live happily. Father's family never had a happy moment. By going through the most difficult road, Father laid the foundation. Your family should go the same course as Father's family. This is the responsibility for all the families.

Blessed families nowadays want to take their children under their wings, but it is wrong. They should be able to sacrifice their children. They shouldn't love their children more than their nation. They should be able to sacrifice their children for the sake of establishing the nation God has sought. Therefore, they should be determined to sacrifice their children to establish God's nation. This is the way for all Unification Church members to go.

To love God is to go along the providential way. The way of God's Will is to build the tribe, nation and world centering upon the family. Furthermore, you should know that you have the responsibility to liberate the spirit world and hell. Those are the tasks resulting from the fall. Therefore, we should clean them up in the same way we clean a garbage can.

You should think day and night about how to love your parents more than your husband, and how to love your brothers more than your husband. You should love your nation, world and God more than your own family. Unless this order of love is established, there will be no way to go.

The family you desire should be equal to the family for which God has longed; and the nation you desire should be the nation God has never forgotten even in His dreams; and the world you desire should be the Kingdom of Heaven where God and you can dance joyfully, centering upon God's love.

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