Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Mission of the Previously Married Blessed Couples

The previously married blessed family has problems. They will become a problem. In the spirit world, the regular Blessing and the previously married Couples' Blessing are totally different. There are three heavens in the spirit world; it is like the structure of high, middle and low class in the physical world. When we look at the 36 Couples, which are composed of three sets of 12 families respectively representing Adam's family, Noah's family and Jacob's family, which family group is most precious? The last group is most precious. From now on we should serve those families. It is not time yet to distinguish the difference, but they are different.

Why does Father make those couples' Blessing different? He does that in order to save the fallen world. There are so many spirit men in the spirit world who married on their own and died like that. For those spirit men, their descendants should open the door through which they can be resurrected. That is the formation stage. Next, the growth stage and the completion stage follow. It should be systematized, but we are not there yet.

(To the previously married blessed couples:) Brothers and Sisters! Are the regular blessing couples and the previously married blessed couples the same? Or are they different? They are different. You are in the formation stage. Then how will your children get married? That is a matter to be seriously considered. The children of the previously married blessed family are not supposed to marry the children of the 36 Couples or the regular blessed couples. They should get married according to the principled order. Isn't it right?

There should be three stages in the blessed families; three types of blessed families are necessary. Centering on those families, the tribes should be organized in the future. Then, do you know where you belong? You belong to the first group of families, representing Adam's family.

In this aspect of God's will, people related to the two worlds are archangel type. Originally, it's not Father's responsibility to deal with the previously married couples. Father set up the perfect standard of the Blessing.

Originally, True Parents are supposed to bless only those men and women who are virgins. But to bless the previously married couples is to make a bridge for the salvation of the world. You are the bridges to save the world. What will happen if the bridges fall apart when the people of the world try to cross them? You have to fulfill your responsibility as bridges.

In the world, there are "family" and "non-family" groups; likewise, the Unification Church is composed of the regular blessed families and the previously married blessed families. There should be a way to absorb the whole.

When there are needs for sacrifice and martyrdom, you should be the first ones to be martyred. Do you understand this? When there's the need for death, you should die first. The third group of blessed couples who are blessed as virgins shouldn't die.

Father will make you suffer enormously from now on. You shouldn't look over the fence even though you dislike the suffering path. In this respect you should educate your children well and let them get the Blessing as quickly as possible. It'll be okay if the three generations of your family receive the Blessing. The three generations should be blessed in your lifetime. That is the way to go over the hill.

The Israelite nation was connected centering upon Adam, Noah and Abraham's family; likewise you should connect the standards of three generations.

God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. This represents the God of three generations. Through the fourth generation, the tribe of Judah, Jesus appeared. So the starting point is the fourth generation. Why was Jesus born in the tribe of Judah? It is because the heavenly principle is made centering upon the number "4" of the four position foundation. That is the reason that we make offerings for three generations. It is to liberate the three generations. From that point, you become related to God. This is the Principle viewpoint. When you know this fact, you shouldn't continue your past life style. Therefore, you are to fulfill your mission as the tribal messiah. The previously married blessed families should know the important responsibility of bearing this dual mission.

In your tribe, married families exist, a middle group of people who were engaged or divorced or who had very complicated love relationships also exist, and the pure virgins exist. By connecting those three groups, you are to horizontally indemnify the vertical history. You should stand in a position representing the oneness of the three generations and offer repentance and sacrifices in the position of the first son of the last generation-the grandson in the completion level.

It is a great blessing that the children of the previously married Couples get blessed. Through this, vertical history is indemnified horizontally on earth. When you are in the formation stage, your son is to be in the growth stage; and through your son, a son of the completion level will be able to appear. You will be able to have give and take with the grandson who is in the completion level on earth. Is it possible to give and take like that in a vertical relationship? It is impossible. "Give and take" is supposed to take place in a horizontal relationship. In that way, you restore through indemnity on a horizontal level. Therefore, restoration takes three generations. The Unification Church works for the perfection of the family as well as individual salvation. Religion advocating individual salvation required the sacrificial life of individuals, but the Unification Church, advocating perfection of the family, claims that the requirement for the perfection of the family centering upon God is the sacrifice of the family.

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