Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Be A Tribal Messiah

The hope for the myriads of people who had the mission of restoration in the long course of history was to make one individual one with heaven. And then that standard was to be extended to the oneness of the family and heaven. But even if there was a oneness of a family and heaven, that was not supposed to be the end. After becoming an object of the absolute center, you as the second subject are to unite your tribes with that eternal center.

First of all, unification is the oneness of husband and wife. If there's a male Messiah, there should also be a female Messiah.

Adam and Eve fell, so restoration also must be accomplished by two people. The same is true for tribal messiahship.

A family shouldn't stop at the family level -- it needs tribes. As ancestors, the blessed families should fulfill their responsibility. Blessed members who are not in a public mission are considered to have deviated from their course of responsibility.

What kind of position are you in? Jesus couldn't hold a Holy Wedding -- the Lamb's Wedding -- and he had to die on the cross without establishing the foundation for the tribe and race, the foundation which had been expected for 2,000 years. Therefore you should realize that the time has come for tribal messiahship. Can you become a tribal messiah without becoming one with God's love? Without God's love, you cannot be the messiah. When you become a man or a woman on such a foundation, you are qualified to establish a family by receiving the Blessing. Spiritual sons and daughters were born from the oneness between the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

Likewise, you are able to multiply sons and daughters on the foundation of substantial oneness. If you can do so, you will be called a tribal messiah.

You should be parents who can influence your sons and daughters. That's the first mission. To do so, you should be thorough in church life and public life and be a good example in private life. That's absolutely necessary in order to educate your children to go the way of the Will (or providence) in the future. Do you under, stand?

Next, be a tribal messiah as Father instructed at the 430 Couples' Blessing in 1968. You have to do the mission. Centering upon Father, 36 Couples are organized in an association. Likewise, centering on the first family who got blessed, there should be a form of 36 Couples in the clan. Do you understand? If there are no 36 Couples, you should at least be the ancestors of the form, consisting of 12 Couples. In order to make that standard, there should be an establishment of a four position foundation centering upon your sons and daughters because you are parents. Then you become an ancestor of your clan, you should organize a new tribe centering upon your family clan. That's the form of 12 tribes. If you organize that, everybody is to enter the realm of 12 tribes. Twelve disciples following the form of 12 tribes should exist; centering upon 12 disciples, 70 followers should appear, and the tribe should extend to the form of 120 followers. This is the direct tribe.

Now whatever results you bring about belong to you. The age of no indemnity has come. From now on, you should witness even to the in-laws of your brother (distant relatives). In this way you easily can witness to over 12 people in a year. Find three people respectively in each season. You need representatives who will penetrate and guard the 12 pearl gates of the spirit world. Everybody there would be your relatives, like your brothers and sisters, so a person such as Jesus' disciple who sold Jesus would not be allowed to come in. You are considered to be in a situation better than Jesus', because you can have this family environment, which is different than Jesus had. You also are more fortunate than Jesus in that you don't have to go outside to have a family. You can go out to the world without setting up indemnity conditions. In order to go attain this standard, you should have 12 disciples on earth like the 12 pearl gates in the spirit world. If that's for the formation stage, 72 followers are for the growth stage, and 120 followers are for the completion stage. I think you can accomplish all this in three years. Father blessed the 36 Couples (12 Couples for formation, 12 Couples for growth and 12 Couples for completion), 72 Couples, 120 Couples, 430 Couples, 777 Couples and 1800 Couples. The 36 Couples are combined groups of 12 Couples representing the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age. The three groups of Couples represent Adam's, Noah's and Jacob's families. Even if you are not able to arrange marriages according to such a numerical order, at least you can have the bare form. You exceed me in that you can do such a thing as outside people. Father is really envious of you. Father has been doing such work while receiving all the persecution and opposition. I have always carried out this work at the risk of my life.

If you restore your tribe, then three families, 12 families, 36, 72, and 124 families are there automatically. That's why you should restore your tribe. You should know that such a mission remains for you to do.

To restore the tribe is to go to heaven, and the way to the world will be opened by restoring your tribe. When you make your utmost effort for that wonderful day, a new nation will be established. The nation will glorify and praise your hard work. How to overcome the family-level trial is the problem. To survive physically is not the problem. How to accomplish this given task is the problem.

Centering upon the blessed families, the clan "Kim," for example, is to make the Kims' tribal institution; the clan "Park" is make the Parks' tribal institution; the clan "Moon" is to make the Moons' tribal institution. Then with that foundation, what are we going to do? Every tribal institution should inherit the Moons' tribal institution; it should be the Abel-tribal institution in front of the other tribal institutions.

Then from now on, what strategy should we use to marry the tribal institutions? Let's take the Kim tribe, for example. The Kim clans in complete unity should strive hard to save and to develop the Kim tribal institution. They should create educational organizations as well as other various works. When you establish your own tribal foundation which can influence all of society, the stepping stones for your ancestors in spirit world to return will be expanded.

In returning resurrection, it is almost impossible for Kim's ancestors to cooperate with Park's family on earth. So a heavy responsibility to connect the spirit world to the physical world for restoration through indemnity remains with you. From now, the tribes will emerge centering upon the blessed families. Therefore, you should accomplish your mission as a tribal messiah. Future churches will be centered upon the elder of the tribe. All the blessed families are the elders of their tribes.

You should know that your families must take on the incredible mission of restoring your tribe. In order to restore the tribe, you should write letters to them more than you did to your lovers or friends. Your sincerity should be twice as much as before. Sisters should make a very serious effort for their relatives, with a more yearning heart than that which they have for their parents. Restoration comes that way. Unless you once again are moved by a loving heart toward your relatives, restoration is impossible. Check if it is true or not in the spirit world.

Hell is a place you cannot escape once you are caught there; but still you do not feel acutely that your parents and your relatives will go to hell. You just idly think, "Let it be." But imagine that your loving parents will really go to hell! If they had to go to jail in the secular world, you would make whatever effort necessary to release them. That's humanistic sympathy. As sons and daughters connected to them with heavenly love, what do you do in light of the fact that your parents, relatives, brothers and sisters have to go to the eternal jail!

Still you don't know anything about whether hell exists or not. The Principle teaches the existence of hell, but you still don't know what kind of place it is. Do you really know it? It is very vague to you. You will know after death, but then it will be too late.

That's why the parents of church members who have already died appear in spirit and try witnessing now. In spirit world, they are in trouble since they opposed their child so badly on earth. So there are many who are witnessing in spirit. Otherwise they will be caught up in hell. Do you understand? If parents oppose and keep their children from joining the Unification Church on earth, they will be caught up in hell.

Even walking on the providential road, Father couldn't restore his tribe. Unless we go over the national standard, the restoration of the tribe is impossible. Because Jesus failed to go over the national standard, Father is not allowed to love his family before he goes over the national standard. Jesus lost the foundation of love centering upon Joseph, so in order to restore it, Father is to be successful in indemnifying the course of being driven into a comer by the nation. Because Father laid such a foundation, you can have the tribal foundation as well as the Blessing in your lifetime. Isn't it an honor for you? By knowing this fact you should fulfill your responsibility with a grateful heart; otherwise your family will be accused of irresponsibility. You surely will get accusation. In this respect, of course, the responsibility of the family is important, but even beyond that, a family should have the mission of tribal messiah.

Because the new foundation for a family and tribe has been established, you have entered the historically amazing dominion of providential benefit of the age, centering on the restoration of the tribes. So the time has come for you to witness to your parents, brothers and sisters.

The purpose of restorational history is to restore a family. How much quicker is it to restore your direct family than other families? It seems like a dream for Father to be able to order you to witness to your parents and your brothers and sisters.

In order for you to be a true Unificationist, you should gain victory on the individual, family and tribal levels on the front line. You should win victory up to the tribal level; thus, the blessed families should fulfill the tribal messiahship. That should be done during the second seven-year course, which means that the tradition should be clearly set up in this period. To accomplish this mission you should live? fight, and be willing to die in the seven-year course. The condition for success or failure is determined and an overall march should proceed in this course. Therefore, you should establish the tradition in this period.

In blessed families, the man represents the substantial Jesus and the woman represents the substantial Holy Spirit. Therefore the blessed families should dash to rescue their nation without any hesitation as Jesus and the Holy Spirit did. Therefore, blessed families can start as the tribal messiahs.

You are to find the land of Israel with your family. Such a responsibility is imposed upon you. As the 12 tribes of Israel had to go to their assigned land, you are to march forward to the land of the tribe. That period is from 1970 to 1972; it is time to go over the international hill.

Father's family life and your family life are identical. The tribal life centering on Father and your tribal life are the same; the ethnic, national, worldwide, and universal lifestyle has the same formula content even though the scale is different. That's why I ask you to be the tribal messiah.

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