Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) Blessed Families Who Are to be Responsible for the Mission of the Three Time Periods

Even though you live in this present time, you are to consummate the mission of three time periods. If man had not fallen, the past, the present, and the future would have started at one point. But due to the fall, they became separated.

Therefore, unless you establish the condition, centering on one family of God, to restore the past, present and future by uniting them, your descendants on earth will not be able to indemnify all the remaining tribes from the original ancestors. To bless one person Kim is not just to save one family of Kims. Because he receives the Blessing as a representative of his entire tribe, he is to take responsibility for the tribe. The responsibility is connected to the past, the present and the future from the vertical viewpoint. You are to restore those all at once. You should horizontally indemnify the vertical history.

You should resolve the mission of the three time periods in your generation. That's the blessed family's responsibility. If you make mistakes, ancestors in the spirit world will be caught up by heavenly law. The mistake will influence not only your direct ancestors but also the families of the same clan and all the relatives.

When looking at the blessed families from Jesus' viewpoint, they are the ones who accomplished Jesus' desire in his place. In Jesus' time, the spiritual bodies of the Old Testament Age received the privilege of being lifted up to the growth stage by returning resurrection. Likewise, through you, your ancestors who have not related directly to the restorational providence will receive special benefit. That's because you set up a victorious internal condition to be related to the ancestors by receiving the Blessing. If they seize the rope of your Blessing, even if they had not been cooperative in the course of restoration so far, they will bear providential fruit centering upon the value of your fruit, in front of the Will. That will be the fruit of the 6,000-year lineage. They, in Cain's position, will have a relative relationship with Father, whereas the fruit harvested directly centering upon Father is Abel-type fruit. Because they can have relative relationship, it is possible to set up the lineage of the Abel-type fruit as the standard of value, or criterion, of Cain-type fruit.

Even though your ancestors were not cooperative with the Will, nor were they meritorious servants, still they will be able to raise their heads to the earth among the figures of the past, depending on your activities in the providence.

In other words, only the ones who have Abraham's direct blood lineage are qualified to return to earth, but through your Blessing, your ancestors will be given the privileged benefit to return. With the same qualification as the loyal subjects of God's Will in the past, your ancestors will be able to lead the returning resurrection horizontally through your family.

Isn't it wonderful that, without any hard work, you became the substantial body to inherit the blessing of the whole of Israel, which has suffered for thousands of years? If you know this fact, you cannot help but rejoice, and you dare not make any mistakes. Because you don't know how much you are blessed, you are unstable and keep wavering. Knowing such a meaning, if you don't fulfill your responsibility, your ancestors will scold you. So those who are not responsible for the Will even after knowing all the meanings behind it will get nameless diseases. Their ancestors will continuously bother them.

You are in the middle position among the three time periods. Your family becomes the standard, so if your family does well, it will save the past history, the present, and the future. If it makes mistakes, it will destroy the past, the present, and the future. If you do well, you'll save the three time periods, and if you don't do well, you'll destroy the three time periods. Whether or not you take responsibility for the three time periods depends on you. That's why the ancestors will surrender.

In order to possess the past, present and future, you should be the heartistic representatives of the past, present and future, and so should the family and the tribes. Then these individuals, families and tribes can lead and guide the world.

You should realize that your life doesn't exist just for your own well-being, but for all of humankind, and that you have an historically prolonged life and a life which guarantees life in the future. You are in the position to make history shine, to lift up the present age, and to put the first stepping stone for the future, so you should be the ones who pioneer the entire life course through your daily life.

You have the mission to liberate the past, present and future. In order not to leave the slavery of indemnity to your descendants, you should hand down a definite, victorious tradition to them. The position of being blessed is most significant and will be not only honored by the past but also by the whole of humankind.

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