Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Blessed Families Have the Mission of the Chief Priests

What happens when you are blessed? You are restored to the level right before the fall of Adam and Eve. And then what should you do? Because the completion stage still remains to be traversed, you should realize God's heart. By going through this process, you should realize God's internal desire to restore fallen humanity. God sent His only son to earth and made him responsible for the restorational history. Likewise, the blessed families should go out to the satanic world by sacrificing their children. While carrying their sons and daughters on their backs, they have to be refugees like Joseph and Mary were while hiding their baby Jesus in Egypt. Because your children are for the world and God, you should believe that Father who loves us so much will protect them. If you do so, God will put you in the position of the substantial Lord who is to come on earth. Therefore, fulfill your responsibility completely. You'll be kicked out if you have an attitude like, "I'm blessed, so you should serve me."

What should we blessed families do? We have to do what Jesus couldn't accomplish. Unless you go over such a position, you cannot be God's sons and daughters. Jesus became God's son by dying on the cross, but we can survive on earth and still be His sons. If that happens, we can conclude that we will be better off than Jesus. Isn't that true? Although Jesus led 12 disciples, he couldn't organize the tribes and the nations. Furthermore, he lost the three chief disciples who were supposed to rally and lead the 12 disciples, so Jesus couldn't help but be expelled from the satanic world. Because Jesus was driven into a comer by the nation, church, family, the disciples, and finally the three main disciples, there was no way for him except to be a sacrifice in front of the worst Satan.

The blessed families should be good examples in front of the nations and churches. By being a good example, you can indemnify what Joseph's family couldn't accomplish. The Unification Church on the denominational level should indemnify and transcend what Judaism and Joseph's family couldn't fulfill. Centering upon the national standard, we should at once indemnify and go over the failure of the family and the tribes. That was what you did last winter. Whose irresponsibility caused the failure? It was Mary's. She couldn't fulfill her responsibility.

Blessed families shouldn't wait idly for God's call and acknowledgement. Instead, they are to create their own foundation with tears of repentance, upon which God will be able to recognize and call them. To let God carry their family in His bosom is the blessed families' mission. In spite of this fact, how many blessed families know their value?

It is a miscalculation to think that blessed families can live outside on their own. They received the Blessing for the sake of Father's family and to defend their Abet position. The blessed families exist to protect the family, life, and assets of the Lord of Second Coming. Their life and assets exist to help God's family and their life to develop. What should be done to bring development? The Lord is to set up blessed families and their assets as the fertilizer and is to absorb them. That's the principle for development. The supply from the other fields is essential to development. Without supplying, development is impossible. Isn't that true? Without being supplied, we cannot progress.

Blessed families should fulfill the mission of the chief priests. The chief priests don't have any belongings to be shared except the ones which God gives. In order to handle the sacrifices offered by 10,000 people with sincere hearts, the chief priest should have a more sincere and faithful heart than any one among the 10,000 people. Otherwise he will be judged by the universal law.

Because the Jews couldn't protect Jesus on an individual level according to God's internal will 2,000 years ago, Jesus had to pass away without establishing an individual foundation. Next, Joseph's family and Zachariah's family didn't protect the family level upon which Jesus could stand firmly. You should do the work. There should be a family which is willing to be responsible and to protect internally and externally the suffering path of Father's family at the family level as well as at the individual level.

In living, nothing else matters except being one with the True Parents, and then you should be one with the four position foundation of True Parent's family. Then what should you do? To establish the heavenly tradition, Cain should level a road for Abel to go.

An archangel should be a loyal object in establishing the environment and the regulations for Adam's not going against God's will.

You are to create an environment in which Father's children and grandchildren can lead a heavenly life in the future. Therefore, you should be the good examples in every aspect for them. Instead of thinking, "Ah, Father's son is spoiled," you should show exemplary behavior to him. Do you understand what I'm talking about?

When you help perfect God's children, you can represent the whole universe by showing them your exemplary words and behavior, you become a loyal object in the position of the archangel. The archangel as a loyal object had a mission to raise young Adam and Eve by showing them his good conduct, in order for them to be matched and become one with the heavenly law. Likewise you should willingly serve as their example.

In the fallen family of Adam and Eve, Cain was not able to inherit a true parental tradition, and neither was Abel. How exasperating it is, and causing such great resentment! That's why they are pitiable. That children cannot inherit a good parental tradition even though they have parents is stifling.

But for the Unification Church members centering upon Father, Cain can inherit the tradition and so can Abel. You should feel grateful to live in this time of great benefit. This is a very terrifying place. This is not the place that you pioneered with your own means and tactics. This is the place to give birth to children only with the benefit of being granted the privilege by the True Parents. Therefore, you should be able to live and die together centering upon the heartistic union. If you encounter a situation in which you have to die instead of them, and retreat, you kill your parents twice.

To Peter, John and James, Jesus was in the position of their father; nevertheless, they ran away when their father was on the way to his death. They were extremely undutiful.

Looking back at such a history causing resentment, you should be determined to protect your parents at the risk of your own life, to keep the way of filial piety. At the risk of sacrificing yourself, you should proceed this way for sure.

Families should hold the church. Even though the Unification Church is so big and Unification thought is so great, without the thought of the ideal family, they count for nothing. Until now such a foundation has not been established, so your families should solidify it. You should make a firm family-level foundation which Satan will never be able to destroy. This means to take 5% responsibility to be restored through indemnity.

The chief priests are the first ones to experience the most miserable situations. Therefore, blessed families should be the first ones to experience misery.

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