Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Mission and Responsibility of the Blessed Families

The one who receives the Blessing from God is God's representative. Therefore you, after receiving the Blessing, with the establishment of your family, are to conquer Satan. You are to judge Satan. And then you are to be a victorious subject by restoring the four position foundation. Because the blessed families received the most precious love and life with the ideal of silent obedience and sacrifice, they are to set up a heavenly tradition which their descendants will exalt. This will restore the satanic world to the heavenly side.

Young blessed Couples should set up a majestic tradition and extend it to the family, tribes, races, nations and the world. To prevent anyone from destroying the tradition, you should set it up in the most difficult situation.

Father's life was a series of miserable situations; therefore, I have many contents about which to talk and weep. That's the fun of human life, because the shining tradition is buried in it.

For the progress of the Unification Church, Father has been bearing the individual cross and the family-level cross. You don't know this fact. To know it, you need to study the Principle minutely and pray for at least ten years. If parents don't talk about the ordeals of their life, children will not know. The matters and circumstances which parents are not able to talk about dwelt in their heart. The blessed families of the Unification Church, as the tribes of Father centering on Father's family, have a mission to restore all the races on earth. In this way, the Unification Church is getting bigger and bigger. Blessed Couples shouldn't stop at being parents of a family; they should be parents for the tribe and nation at least. If they don't love the nation with a strong conviction, disaster will befall them. Jesus embraced heaven and earth with his ideology.

Who is to defend this country? We should defend it. Think if our blessed families became the ones to keep "today" in front of God.

Blessed families are to be the front runners to pioneer the way of indemnity during the restorational course. Because they shoulder the indemnity conditions for the race and the nation, their descendants will be proud of them. Until establishing the heavenly nation, the blessed families as front runners should set the standard for the earth and eternal spirit world. If such a tradition is established, blessed families will become the target of interest. Our mission is huge. We are to go the sacrificial way by shouldering the mission and paying the indemnity to restore heaven and earth.

Those among the Unification Church members who were blessed first, who were called first by love in front of humankind, should feel keenly their absolute responsibility to accomplish the mission of spreading out God's heart and will to their neighbors and society.

We should march forward with the conviction that the world will respond in the near future. Even though the environment is not set up for that, we should be able to proceed. We should go forward with the conviction to found the heavenly nation, raising the victorious flag as the princes and princesses of the battle line. You should know clearly that from now on the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven is the blessed family's mission. Blessed families are to be responsible for God's 6,000-years of hard work and for the suffering of the Lord of Second Coming, and they should bring the earth, humankind and heaven into God's ownership. Because the meaning of the Blessing lies in realizing the ideal of creation, we must be responsible for the pain of history.

You should know that the blessed family's responsibility is incredibly huge. You should be able to take over and inherit the heavenly grace which has come over thousands and thousands of years as your own eternal resource.

The Blessing does not come free at all; it requires responsibility,

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