Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Reason for the Blessing

You should receive the Blessing of the Unification Church. In order to establish the foundation upon which you will expand to the world, Father gives the Blessing internationally. In other words, Father restored all that Jesus couldn't fulfill in his lifetime. Therefore, the Unification Church will never perish. Even if Father were to die right now, Unificationism itself will come to lead the world.

Father blessed young men and young women so that they, in a public position, can establish the exemplary families of the world.

The reason Father blesses young men and young women when they satisfy certain qualifications is to let them become eternal sons and daughters of God.

In the outside world, when a matchmaker arranges a marriage, he or she receives a gift, but I did matchings by spending my own money. My motivation to arrange your marriage is not for money; I did it for your well-being and prosperity.

Where will the Unification members go? Father blessed you because he wants you to be a couple, with arms and legs, to fight for the nation. Reverend Moon blesses you for your descendants, not only for yourself.

You are allowed to be the blessed families on the foundation of God's hard work. The reason God gives such a great blessing to you is not so that you will inherit immediate happiness, but so that you will shoulder the responsibility to establish your tribes.

To give the Blessing is to endow you with the qualification for the new mission, "tribal messiahship." The Blessing qualifies you as having completed the ideal of bride and groom for which Jesus hoped, and Father, representing God, endows you with the mission of horizontal messiah.

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