Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Value of Blessed Families

Blessed families do not come to exist by their own power. Instead, they have an historical significance coming from God and Father. They came into being not by their own decision but by another's. Right there lies God's desire. Owing to Father, the blessed families exist. Creating the blessed families was what Jesus came to do as well. God desires a family with the standard which exceeds the standards that God has known thus far.

The blessed families start at the top of the growth stage. The blessed families are in the position of being newly born, just like the True Parents' babies.

The blessed families can attend God, whom fallen Adam and Eve lost the chance to serve. Through the Blessing, families can substantially, horizontally and directly restore the relationship which Adam and Eve failed to have with the angelic world. Blessed families are the foundation to restore all things. And they are also in the position of God's sons and daughters who are standing on the perfect standard Adam and Eve should have had.

The blessed families are established as the holy of holies. God has been seeking for blessed families for 6,000 years.

You are such precious entities that it is impossible to exchange you for even the whole history because God, despite experiencing unspeakable misery, has worked so hard to find you.

Blessed families have an indivisible lineage with heavenly fortune. God wants to put the blessed families in the most precious place, because they are ancestors who will be cherished for thousands and thousands of years of human history; and they are also the root of roots and the seed of seeds.

Blessed families are the ones who can rid God's history of sorrow.

The blessed families are those who are connected to the lineage of the victorious family centering upon God.

"Blessed family" is a very frightening name and a terrifying place, because they are responsible for substance, blood lineage and heart.

What are the blessed families? They are like a stick. What kind of stick are they? They are the stick which is like a bridge to help cross over the world of death.

The family is a heavenly altar which can horizontally indemnify the vertical history.

When we can bring all of our belongings in front of God with our children, we become the horizontal substantial body which has restored the vertical history. Without being blessed families, we cannot go in front of God.

The condition to go over the historical, vertical bondage is to establish blessed families.

How difficult is the Blessing? How many individuals, families, tribes and countries have been sacrificed in the course of history in order to find one heavenly family? The blessed families are found and established at the cost of all these sacrifices.

Because the blessed families are cosmic families and a family compounding vertical and horizontal history, they as heavenly children should make perfect unity and completely destroy the satanic world. By doing that, the blessed families create the Kingdom of Heaven.

The fact that a man and woman together create a family holds value. Because the family ideal existed before the prehistoric age and will exist eternally, we are able to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The concept of the Kingdom of Heaven existed before history and will remain even after history.

The blessed families nowadays are more precious beings than the figures whom God needed in the course of history. Even looking externally, they have concrete content. They are the heavenly families who can represent history and whom Jesus has looked for and whom myriads of forefathers hoped for. Everybody has been fighting to establish this one foundation. In this regard, God sees the blessed families as incredibly important.

The Unification Church has been created for family salvation, so blessed families are the center of the Unification Church.

What is a blessed family? It is the entity which pursues the ideal of the family centering upon God. It is the family which the Lord of the Second Coming should establish and which posterity should establish and which this woman right here also should make.

Due to Adam and Eve's fall, their descendants led a miserable history of blood and distress. But you, as reborn descendants, will give birth to the new descendants without sin. Therefore, regardless of the sacrifices you have to make, you should be grateful and shouldn't complain throughout your whole life.

What is your position now? You are in the position of having conquered the Israel nation that God prepared for 4,000 years, and of inheriting Judaism, which God wanted Jesus to receive, and of taking all the conditions that were given to Joseph's family. Furthermore, you are in the position to claim the status of bride groom and bride which Jesus, regardless of being chased and persecuted, wanted to establish. Because you are in such a precious position, internal and external persecution is inevitable. We are in a position transcending the small Wedding Ceremony of the Lamb which the returning Jesus is supposed to hold on earth after the 2,000-year course of suffering. That's why we are not to lose the church, nation or tribes; rather we are in the position to restore them. The reason Father orders blessed families to become "national messiahs" is due to the importance of this time.

What is the blessed family's position? Because they already received the Messiah and organized new tribes, they are in a position more advanced than the Israelites who were hoping to receive the Messiah centering upon Judaism. In this regard, an individual alone counts for nothing, because it is the time for all blessed families to unite and pioneer a new history.

When looking at the Unification Church from the perspective of the parent's ideology, blessed families compose the heavenly tribe and all the members centering upon blessed families compose the heavenly nation. In that sense, Father deals with this nation of 30 million people. The tribal standard, family standard and individual standard are included in the national standard. The providence proceeds with these vertical standards horizontally developed.

The blessed family is not a family for an individual; rather, it is a representative family for the nation, world, heaven and earth. In order for us to be reminded of this fact, family-level trials and indemnity approach us.

The blessed families represent the whole. The Blessing is a promise for the future world. The blessed family, as the family in which God dwells, should be in the position to share the Blessing with humankind.

The value of the blessed family is immeasurable.

Be grateful that there are blessed families in the Unification Church.

If blessed families have the same heart as Father, the people who oppose them will be defeated.

When people oppose the blessed family with whom God directly cooperates, they will instantly meet a disaster. It is the Principle view that Satan cannot attack the God-centered family.

Only when we respect the blessed families with the same heart as God, will we receive blessing. The blessed families are the entrance to God. Through them, we can go in and out.

Some people may want to ask, "Rev. Moon talks a lot about such a family. What is the difference between the blessed family of the Unification Church and our families?" In both a man and a woman live together. Then what is different? What if we compare the poorest man in Korea with the richest man in Korea-what is the difference?

Both have eyes, nose, mouth and ears. When we clothe the richest man with the beggar's garments, he would look like a beggar. Even though you are not a beggar, if you dress as a beggar, you look like a beggar. But if the richest man died wearing a beggar's clothes, people wouldn't say that a beggar died; they would say the rich man died. Even though the external appearance is the same, the internal content is different. Likewise, the difference between the Unification Church blessed family and other families is a difference of internal content.

You valued the family little until now. After knowing the Principle, you realized that the family is essential. just like a saying that the rejected stone became the capstone of the building, the time has come for you to realize the absolute necessity and dignity of the family. That's why the Blessing is precious.

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