Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) The Dispensational Meaning of the 6,000 Couples' Blessing

The international mass wedding ceremony of 6,000 Couples was held on October 14. I announced it 20 days in advance. I just gave the simple instruction that there will be a mass wedding; it was prepared in only 20 days.

As soon as the day of the Blessing was announced, young people from all over the world gathered in Korea. The Blessing is to give the qualification of tribal messiah to the Couples. Father in place of God endows the Couples with the new mission of horizontal messiah. The bride and the bridegroom become the small messiahs, who are to accomplish the perfect ideal through the Blessing, and they are sent to each nation as God's special envoy. That is also the meaning of the 6,000 Couples' Blessing.

It is not easy for young people from 84 different nations to fly here. Then why did they come here despite all the difficulties? They came here to return to the original world of love for which God has yearned so many years.

In order to go to the world of essential love, an essential man of love and an essential woman of love should first form an essential family, and then it should be extended to the tribe, nation and world. The 6,000 Couples have gathered here with their eternal mission to liberate God, the subject of essential love.

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