Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Dispensational Meaning of the 1800 Couples' Blessing

Father thinks that the 1800 Couples' mass wedding will give the public a wondrous feeling. Our second seven-year course will be completed next April; that's why I planned this Blessing. It is one condition for complete indemnification.

Father blessed 1800 Couples 14 years after 1960. Originally it should have been held in 1974; but it was permissible until April of 1975, since the actual providence started on April of 1960. The second seven-year course was completed with the Blessing of 1800 Couples, so the Unification Church could begin the worldwide providence.

Six times three equals 18. This number means the complete subjugation of the satanic number 6. Centering upon the foundation laid so far, we enter the age to embrace the world.

The 1800 Couples' Blessing is composed of 25 nations, which means it is the worldwide Blessing. In establishing a tradition transcending the nation, don't be the shameful ones who fall. You have to set up this tradition at least, even if you cannot achieve anything else. You are responsible for opening the way for your family; otherwise, your kinfolk will perish.

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