Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Dispensational Meaning of the 777 Couples' Blessing

The fortune of the world started moving according to the providence of the Unification Church beginning with the Blessing of the 777 Couples in 1970. Due to the birth of the 777 Couples, the universal fortune began to flow in relation to the Unification Church. The 430 Couples' Blessing made the national fortune move toward Father and the 777 Couples' Blessing made the universal fortune focus on Korea.

The value of the 777 Couples' Blessing is to make the world return to God centering upon the ideal of the family. Because the important 10 nations in the providence are included among the 777 Couples, the universal fortune begins to move in oneness with the fortune of the Unification Church. Since the 777 Couples' Blessing, the confrontation of north and south, and left and right, has became more clear. This Blessing ceremony opened the way for the restoration of the world, and Father could form a new nation in the world, centering upon God.

The 777 Couples' Blessing is on a worldwide level. All nations can be connected through this Blessing.

The 777 Couples' Blessing made it possible for all the families, tribes and nations of the world to be linked to God. The 777 Couples opened such a door; so when we follow the 777 Couples, we will end up in the Kingdom of Heaven.

That's why the Unification Church, based on the 777 Couples' Blessing, could begin to work on the worldwide level. A new origin was established in 1970.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was held on the 21st (three times seven) of October, 1970, and this was the last marriage held centering upon a providential meaning. This Blessing opened a new age, in which all nations can be related in blood lineage. From this point, the Unification Church laid the foundation to form a new nation, transcending conventional nationalism. If we make a genealogical table in the Unification Church, it will be centered upon the family, not the individual. The Unification Church is to depart for the world, going over to the trans-national and trans-tribal age centering upon the 777 Couples' Blessing. That's why the blessed families entered the stage of persecution right after the Blessing of the 777 Couples.

The 777 Couples' Blessing was the last providential mass wedding ceremony; this is the meaning of the 777 Couples' Blessing.

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