Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Dispensational Meaning of the 430 Couples' Blessing

The Blessing of 430 Couples is the establishment of national indemnity. In the 4,300th year of Korean history, Father blessed the 430 Couples. It also represents the number of years of the Israelites' slavery in Egypt. Therefore, the blessing of 430 Couples means the liberation of the nation of Israel.

The blessing of the 430 Couples opened the way for the Korean people to establish the God-centered ideal. So far, religion has been working toward an individual ideal, but the 430 Couples' Blessing made the whole nation display a God-centered ideal. The vertical providence is to be completed horizontally within one generation; the 430 Couples' Blessing fulfills all the qualifications. The number four symbolizes the four position foundation and the four directions of east, west, South and north. The number three symbolizes the formation, growth and completion stages. The numbers four and three are the absolute numbers for restoration through indemnity. The blessing of the 430 Couples shows the victorious foundation of restoration through indemnity. It established the national standard for any Korean who joins the Unification Church to receive the Blessing.

The 430 blessed Couples mean the addition of the heavenly number and the earthly number.

The number 430, as in 430 blessed Couples, means 4,300 years of Korean history. It is also the number to indemnify the 430 years of slavery of the Israelites in Egypt. Therefore, the worldwide course of the restoration of Canaan started centering upon the 430 blessed Couples.

The number 430 represents the departure of the Third Israel toward the worldwide Canaan. The Israelite nation started its national restoration course after 430 years of slavery; likewise, the Korean nation started the worldwide providence after 4,300 years of history.

In order to connect the 430 Couple' Blessing to the world, Father blessed 43 Couples in foreign countries. By doing so, this Blessing can connect the tribes in Korea to the nations of the world.

Father established the national standard through the 430 Couples' Blessing, and connected this foundation to the nations of the world in 1969, through the blessing of 43 Couples during his second world tour. According to the internal providence, Father chose 43 Couples from 10 nations and extended the providence to the worldwide level.

Through the 430 Couples' Blessing, the way opened for every person in the world to connect to Father. That's why there are 430 Couples inside the nation, and 43 Couples outside the nation. These 43 Couples are composed of the central families from Japan, the United States and Europe, and they are in the object position to the 430 Couples in Korea. As the object families of the 430 Couples, the 43 Couples are bound with five races.

Because Korea represents the whole world, the 430 Couples' Blessing is the door to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth for any Korean to enter, even if he is a criminal or thief. Due to the establishment of the 430 Couples, the number four was restored and the worldwide foundation was made for every nation in the world to be connected.

Now we have to be united for victory, not for defeat. That's why the motto, "'Me Victorious Frontline for Unification," came into being. What is the center of it? It is the family. Families should be one; that is why Father established the 430 Couples.

The 430 Couples' Blessing enabled the Unification Church to make a linear development into the worldwide domain. The link between the 430 Couples and the 43 Couples means the departure for the new, transcendent nation.

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