Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Dispensational Meaning of the 124 Couples' Blessing

In the view of the Principle, in order for an individual to be restored, he must pass through more than three generations. In order for more than three generations to pass, the four position foundation should be restored by parents giving birth to children. The four position foundation cannot simply be established by having children; the children should be able to represent their parents. When the parents and the children become completely one, the family is an Abel-type family which should restore three Cain-type families. Those three families are to multiply as spiritual children. Centering upon the three families, 12 families representing 12 directions should be established, and then they will extend to 72 and 120 families. The 120 families are the tribal foundation to depart for the world level. The 120 blessed Couples of the Unification Church are the representatives of one tribe. They are to sacrifice for the nation. That's why I drove you out to the local regions to sacrifice for the nation. This three-year witnessing period corresponds to Jesus' public life course; therefore, you shouldn't escape from it, regardless of the severe persecution you receive.

The standard of a worldwide ideology, which Jesus wanted to establish by sending out 70 disciples, has been set up on earth. Jesus' 70 disciples are connected to the 72 blessed Couples. Jesus chose 12 disciples to restore the lost 36 generations since Adam, but he lost his 12 and 70 disciples, which meant he lost the ancestors and children. That's why Jesus started the worldwide providence after his resurrection centering upon 120 disciples.

The number 12 represents formation, 70, growth, and 120, the future nations of the world. When 120 nations join the United Nations, which was established centering upon Christian ideology, we should understand that the Last Days are near. Now the United Nations has a membership of 123 nations. One hundred twenty-four nations should join the United Nations, centering upon the crisis of 1967. The 124 blessed Couples of the Unification Church and the 124 nations should be matched; this is not accidental at all. God made it so. Otherwise, the Unification Principle falls apart. Then what does the number 120 mean? It is the number of sovereignties in the world. Therefore, it is a sign of the Last Days when 120 nations join the United Nations.

After his resurrection, Jesus spent 40 days with his disciples. On the day of Pentecost, 10 days after Jesus' ascension to heaven and the 50th day after his crucifixion, the Holy Spirit descended upon 120 disciples. Then they could start the national era of Christianity. The descent of the Holy Spirit meant that Jesus spiritually welcomed his bride on the national foundation.

The 120 disciples who welcomed the Holy Spirit symbolize 120 nations; so when Western society centering upon Rome takes a stand for God's side, more than 120 nations will appear in the world. That symbol was accomplished by the appearance of 120 nations between 1967 and 1968. We can see that nothing is separate from God's providence. As a symbol to restore all the nations of the world, Father blessed 124 Couples. The number 4 in 124 corresponds to the number of Blessings. Unless Father adds the symbolic number four to represent three Couples, 36 Couples, 72 Couples and 120 Couples, the way to return to the heavenly nation cannot be open for all the blessed Couples. The four Couples also symbolize the doors of East, West, South and North. The 124 Couples have the meaning and the value to restore the heavenly nation the ideal world for which all humankind has longed.

The 120 Couples represent Jesus' 120 disciples. Four Couples are previously married couples, and they are to open the doors in the 4 directions.

The victorious family-level dominion of Israel is to extend to the universal dominion of Israel, and the victorious foundation of the tribe is to horizontally expand to the universal foundation through the 124 Couples' Blessing.

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