Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Dispensational Meaning of the 36 Couples' Blessing

The 36 Couples are composed of the first family, second family and third family. The first family symbolizes the Old Testament Age-the age of marriage without God's permission. The second family symbolizes the New Testament Age, in which people wanted to get married in God's chosen land but the bride had to wait for the bridegroom to come, due to Jesus' crucifixion. The third family symbolizes the Completed Testament Age. It is the age of perfection in which God wants to start true families.

Today's dispensation parallels that of Jacob's symbolic victory. Therefore, Father is to establish the age of true children after restoring the age of servants and the age of adopted sons. The 36 Couples symbolically restore the course of these three ages. The restorational providence has been proceeding centering upon the 12 tribes and the number 12 or 10.

The first group of 12 of the 36 couples is composed of previously married couples, representing the Old Testament Age. The second group symbolizes marriage in Jesus' Age, in which people wanted the God-centered marriage but couldn't achieve it. The third 12 families symbolize the Completed Testament Age-the age of Jacob, who overcame all the trials and won the victory. The 36 Couples, centering upon Father, became the victorious foundation to indemnify horizontally the vertical Old, New and Completed Testament Ages within one generation.

In the view of dispensational history, the first family of 36 Couples is in the position to restore Adam's family. In order to indemnify the 12 generations from Adam's family, including Cain and Abel, to Noah's family, 12 couples were established.

The second family restores the 12 generations from Noah's family to Abraham's family, including the prolongation through Isaac and Jacob brought about due to Satan's invasion of Abraham's family.

For the first time in history, Jacob succeeded in the horizontal indemnification of the vertical providence through his 12 sons. The third family of 36 Couples symbolizes Jacob's victorious course. The family started on Jacob's victorious individual foundation and also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages.

Adam, Noah and Jacob, respectively, correspond to Adam, Jesus and the Lord of the Second Advent. The 36 Couples symbolize this numerical standard of the providence and the historical parallel.

Our ancestors in the course of restoration didn't fulfill the mission given by God, but God restored this fallen history by blessing the 36 Couples. Humankind today should become perfect human beings who inherit God's heartistic tradition. In the course of achieving such a perfect standard, for the first time, the 36 Couples established the victorious ancestors' foundation centering upon God's heart. Therefore, they symbolize the restored ancestors of humankind.

You don't know how important your mission is and how important your position is. You are standing in a very dreadful position. At least one family out of the 36 Couples should live with True Parents.

The blessed families of virgin brides and grooms have the condition to be connected to Father. That's why the center of the family-level foundation is the blessed family of virgins. Knowing all these things, you are to set up the order of the family. The third set of 12 couples among the 36 Couples -- those who were virgins should be the center.

The 36 Couples are the historical ancestors. They should set up the condition not to fail. These 36 Couples should establish the foundation of joy.

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