Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Meaning of the Third Israel

Jesus was to be the True Parent of humankind, but Satan prevented him from accomplishing this, which means that Satan also kept human beings who were supposed to be reborn through True Parents from experiencing that. Thus, the offspring of parents cannot exceed the standard of their fallen parents. Therefore, human beings who couldn't start anew centering upon God's will gathered under Jesus' cross. They became Christians, whose faith has been spreading out internationally.

Christians made a spiritual foundation of victory on the individual, family, tribal, national and world levels, but physically they couldn't make any foundation. Therefore, they need to be completely obedient to the Lord of the Second Coming, in order to establish the physical foundation. In order to do that they have to mobilize centering upon the heavenly tribe.

Because we live in an international era, we should establish the physical foundation with a standard transcendent of nationality. In order to indemnify the lost foundation centering upon Jesus' tribes, we have to present the content of heart exceeding Jesus'. That's why we should transcend the tribal standard.

The Third Israel is the group who is to inherit God's heart. Father should extend that substantial and heartistic foundation to the world, and through that foundation, restoration should proceed. Then Father should establish the standard of the restored families.

The providence has been proceeding to open the way for the spirit world and the physical world. When representatives of the individual level progress to a certain point, Father raises representatives of the family level and national level to resurrect them. So with the representatives of individual victory, of family-level victory and of national victory, Father has been paving the way of restoration. Israel was a national representative inheriting the form of specially chosen ancestor.

Christianity doesn't stand in a perfect (substantial) position. In other words, it created the dominion of the Second Israel centering only on the spiritual standard, without the physical standard. The day to accomplish the physical standard is the day of the Lord's Second Advent.

Christians who have been longing for that day, on the spiritual foundation of the Second Israel, are to receive the Lord of the Second Coming and to establish world-level dominion as the Third Israel.

Jesus couldn't establish the dominion of Israel on earth even though he was victorious spiritually; so in order to establish the physical dominion of Israel on earth, the Lord should return. The establishment of the earthly dominion starts from an individual.

The world is becoming as impoverished as the nations 2,000 years ago. In this situation, God chose Korea in the position of Israel and the United States in the position of Rome. When these two nations become one, the foundation for world unity will be accomplished. The Kingdom of Heaven on earth is completed when the communist world is absorbed into the spiritual Christian world. Therefore, the Lord of the Second Coming is responsible for the unity of the communist world and the democratic world.

Now we have gone over the world-level foundation. The Unification Church completed the foundation for an individual, family, tribe, nation and world. That's why there are people of five colors in our Unification dominion.

The Unification Church is establishing the standard which Adam and Jesus failed to set up due to satanic invasions. The Holy Wedding Ceremony commenced centering upon Father's family in 1960. After that, Father had to organize the dominion of tribes transcending the formation of the family.

In order to establish the dominion of tribes, we have to indemnify what Jesus and his disciples failed to do. Jesus was supposed to form a family on the foundation of oneness with his disciples. Jesus' marriage should have been followed by the marriage of his disciples.

They were to organize the new tribes. If Jesus had held a Holy Wedding Ceremony, the 12 disciples first of all would have had to become completely one with Jesus' family. And then they were supposed to make the dominion of victory free from Satan's spiritual and physical invasion by receiving the Blessing centering on Jesus' family.

The new tribes organized through the Blessing are totally different from the restored adopted children. This is the first appearance of the tribes initiated by God's true son.

Abraham formed Israel through offerings, but the Unification Church formed Israel through the Blessing. The entry into the Third Israel is possible only through the Blessing.

When we look at the Korean people's situation, atheists are the First Israel, conventional churches are the Second Israel, and the Unification Church is the Third Israel. So Satan is attacking the core of the providence.

Blessed families in the Unification Church are in a position totally different from that of the Jews of the First Israel who wished to receive the Messiah. They are one more step advanced, because they already have organized new tribes through the Messiah.

You can be considered as part of the Third Israel only if you become the object who can possess Jesus' mind and throbbing heart. Since Jesus offered his body with a sacrificial heart and established the Second Israel, we should have such strong determination to be the ancestors of the Third Israel and to be the original children of the Garden of Eden-the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

The Third Israel is the nation resurrected out of sorrow, not out of joy. It is different from any other nation in that it made Satan surrender in the world of tears. I have mentioned about the Yongmae-do accident before, but it is really difficult to do that. As a refugee, Father had determined to have the most difficult life among his 30 million Korean brethren. Father's determination was, "I'll go until death; I'll go until my heartbeat stops; I have to go until my breathing ceases."

The final words in the Last Days, when we have to be the ancestors of the Third Israel, are the words of God's love-the words according to God's love. You shouldn't deviate from God's words; instead you should be the visible substance of God's words. God's internal heart should be your internal heart; in other words, you are to be the substantial body of the original mind (God).

You have the mission of being a second creator, who can multiply God's words. This means that you should express His words, life and substance. Only if you become one centering upon love can you attend God eternally.

That is the standard of the Third Israel. Only by setting up this standard can you implant words, life and substance into people. Let us be the substantial body of words who can attend God and who can see and feel the words; let us also be the substantial body of life and of the heart of 6,000 years of fallen history, so that we can fulfill the mission of re-creating the Second Israel. Then we can become God's sons and daughters, who penetrate God's internal heart, and by being God's true children we can live in eternal glory centering on God's love.

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