Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Period in which Father Selected and Established the Lost Days

It is our pride that the Unification Church has big holy days like God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things, which don't exist in the secular world. In order to restore the lost days, we should resolve the twisted history, and to celebrate the days we should establish the fundamentals of the heavenly family centering on God's love. You have to know that the Unification Church is such a blessed place.

As you all know through the Principle, if the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, had not fallen, God's Day, Parents' Day and the Day of All Things would have been declared on the day of their Blessing. If that had happened, all those days would have been established in one day. Due to the fall, we have had to restore those days through the seven-year-course. That is a sad process for the fallen world.

God gave the first Blessing in 1960, with the remaining seven years of the completion stage to go. Until now, human beings have been under satanic dominion because of the fall. Because a figure appeared and tried to destroy satanic power, Satan has been desperately attacking that figure and his family. But finally, Father could declare God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things while setting up the indemnity conditions and having a bloody fight with Satan. All these days were established in the first seven-year-course.

Because God restored the days which had been stolen by Satan, He could establish a perfect standard on earth. On the foundation of successfully having driven Satan away, a groom and a bride could meet each other. Receiving the day of that meeting has been God's long-cherished desire and the 2,000-year-old wish of Christianity. The groom represents Jesus and heaven, and the Holy Spirit as the female spirit represents the earth. The Unification Church is the fundamental driving force which has demolished satanic power and made heaven and earth become one by bringing about the meeting of the groom and bride.

The Holy Wedding Ceremony is a ritual in which God for the first time in human history blessed an ideal couple, and it is also the historical wedding in which fallen man is endowed with True Parents. Because of that, God's Day, Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were established. We should know that all of these were accomplished through the victory of the first seven-year-course.

Having fallen parents has been the root of human resentment. But by establishing Parents' Day on the foundation of the victory on the heavenly side, finally the lineage of the parents who were qualified to stand in front of God started. Therefore, from this point, blessed Unificationists were to go forward. What is God's Day? It is the day to accomplish God's will and His ideal; and the ideal of man and all things is also to be accomplished on this day.

God's Day is not only the day for God, but also the day for Adam and Eve, all things and the cosmos. So far in the course of restoration, God has been restoring first all things, next children, and finally parents, which means that parents spiritually had to bear the entire cross. Therefore, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been persecuted, but that is just during the period of Christianity. In our time, we are to reverse that.

To establish Parents' Day is to go over the growth stage with the cross of Parents' Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things. After accomplishing those days, finally God's Day is to be declared. Through indemnity, parents come into being, and then children exist. By having children they are to dominate all things. In order to create such a form, Parent's Day, Children's Day and the Day of All Things were made, and when those days become one and are connected to God, they lead to God's Day. During this seven-year-course, Father had to go over the growth and the completion stages.

Parents and children were supposed to subjugate all things and the angels. Because this was not accomplished in the Garden of Eden, such a structural foundation has to be restored. After making a God-centered foundation, we were to enter God's direct dominion. Therefore, the establishment of God's Day on the first day of 1968 is to match the standard of entering into God's original dominion, which should have been preceded by the oneness of parents, children, all things, and God-centering on the family-level foundation in the Garden of Eden. On such a foundation, three stages are formed centering on Father, who is free to enter God's direct dominion, the blessed families, and the Unification Church.

Father's family, the blessed families, and the Unification Church, respectively, symbolize the family of the Lord of the Second Advent, the Christian family, and the whole world.

The whole world is in the formation stage, Christianity is in the growth stage, and the Lord of the Second Advent is in the completion stage. In laying such a foundation, Father even extended the providence to the national level during these seven years. To connect the national foundation to the world level is very significant. In the second seven-year course, Father uses the blessed families to do that.

It is a miracle that Father has dealt with these incredible restorational contents in his lifetime. Then, who is the ancestor of miracles? Moses' crossing over the Red Sea counts for nothing. Is there any meaning in crossing the Red Sea? All the miracles that Jesus performed count for nothing. During the several decades of his life, Father systematized the most precious, the most surprising, most enormous, and the most universal thought. Has it been simple or complicated?

When Father speaks something new, it sounds casual. But Father has already thought about and investigated it deeply for a long time. Reflect! When Father declared Children's Day and Parents' Day, did you know the meaning? Or of Father's three children? You knew only when I explained them after the work was done, didn't you? And suddenly the "Day of Heartistic Resurrection," the "Day of Substantial Resurrection," the "Day of All Things" and "God's Day" were declared. Were they wrong? They are organized by Principle and perfectly structured. Focusing on this structure, Father has been actualizing it.

Father laid a worldwide horizontal foundation with 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples in the first three-year course. The families who are to start the second and third seven-year courses on that foundation are responsible for laying a perfect horizontal foundation for the nation (Korea). It is a very sad fact that there's a great distance to go to accomplish the responsibility and the mission.

You should establish your own tribal Parents' Day, Children's Day, Day of All Things and God's Day. That is the responsibility of the blessed families in the Unification Church.

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