Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Blessing Of 36, 72 And 124 Couples

All Koreans opposed the mass wedding ceremonies in the 1960s. One after the other, about 15 people sent accusation notes to the police department in order to put Father in jail. Unless we stand up against such opposition and persecution from the world, the twisted history cannot be indemnified. The mass wedding ceremony was such a terrible pandemonium that even policemen were mobilized to stop the fights. The wedding ceremony was held inside with all the doors locked while people outside were shouting and raising a terrible commotion. This was the first such wedding ceremony in history. After the first three years of holding such a controversial wedding ceremony, Father felt it was like a dream. There's a clear reason for that. It was not the result of Father's miscalculation. Father never runs a losing business.

Father's marriage and the 36 Couples' marriage shouldn't be held under the auspices of the permission of their fallen parents.

The 36 Couples' Blessing ceremony in 1961 was also a turmoil. But we moved onward, even though we had guards standing at the door.

Every parent opposed the 36 Couples' Blessing of the Unification Church. These parents were rioting to get back their children. Because human history started from false parents, True Parents must lead in God's will. The government also opposed it; Father was negotiating with the court at the time of the marriage. Father led an adventure in the midst of total opposition.

At the time of Adam and Eve's fall, the whole universe was in complete darkness. In order to indemnify this, the Holy Wedding of the Unification Church was held with all the doors locked. People were shouting outside, "Give me back my son and my daughter. What are you going to do with our sons and daughters?" They were upset at the fact that their children's marriages were handled by Father when it was their business to take care of their children's marriages. Satan stole God's children, so Father was bringing God's lost children back. According to the Principle, God cannot help but stay with the Unification Church. The negative parents who were opposing the wedding now say to me that the marriage was wrong, but they are happy to have good sons-in-law.

Providential history has been prolonged because Cain, in the position of the archangel, couldn't be obedient to Abel, in the position of Adam. In order to indemnify this, the 72 Couples, in the position of Cain, were established in front of the 36 Couples, in the position of the ancestors.

The 36 Couples are in the position of the historical ancestors from Adam to Jacob, and the 72 Couples are in the position to restore Cain and Abel's families. I then blessed 120 Couples representing the world. Upon the condition of forming Cain and Abel families centering upon Jesus' family, I selected the holy grounds. Therefore, the 120 Couples represent all the nations of the world. Jesus began anew on the world level by the oneness of the 120 disciples at the Pentecost; likewise, the 120 Couples laid the worldwide foundation.

The returning Lord should indemnify Adam's family. Therefore, he is to establish Adam-type, Noah-type and Abraham-type families as the ancestors. In order to set up those vertical ancestors, Father blessed 36 Couples (12 couples of Adam-type, 12 Couples of Noah-type, and 12 Couples of Abraham-type families). Centering upon those ancestors, Father blessed 72 couples as Cain and Abel-type families. And the 120 Couples symbolize the leaders of the 120 nations of the world.

The 36 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the fallen ancestors; the 72 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the children of the ancestors; and the 120 Couples are the resurrected bodies of the people in the world. Therefore, when they become one, the family, children, and whole world also will be united. That's why Father will be directly responsible for those blessed couples (36, 72, 120 Couples).

The 36 Couples are in the position of the ancestors and the 72 Couples are the restored family of Cain and Abel in front of the 36 Couples. In other words, Cain and Abel are restored simultaneously through the 120 nations of the whole world.

The 36 Couples, 72 Couples and 120 Couples are one team which cannot be separated. The 36 Couples are historical ancestors, the 72 Couples are sons and daughters, and the 120 couples are archangels representing the worldwide tribal factions. So the ancestors, Cain and Abel, and the 12 tribes are to be totally one. Restoration history seeks unity. When the 36 Couples, who are ancestors, and the 72 Couples, who are Cain and Abel, become one, a family is formed. The 120 Couples and 120 disciples are the worldwide extension of the 12 tribes of this family.

When the four position foundation is centered upon God, Satan has to retreat. In the Unification Church, which accomplished the worldwide standard of development on earth centering on the True Parents, there were the Blessings of the 72 Couples and 120 Couples. The 120 Couples symbolize the representatives of the nations in the world. Similarly, to start a worldwide providence, Jesus established 120 disciples.

Jesus spiritually led the salvation providence by using those disciples on the frontline. Father's mission was to establish substantially those frontliners whom Jesus spiritually established.

That was accomplished, so next Father was to bless all things. After finding the figures that God wanted, Father should find all things. In order to set up this condition, Father in 1965 had a world tour and established 120 holy grounds centering on 10 nations. The international holy grounds became the starting point of a big transition of fortune. Centering on three disciples, Jesus wanted to organize ideal families on earth with 12 apostles, 70 chief apostles, and 120 followers. But Jesus died without fulfilling this ideal. So, Father has to dissolve all resentment resulting from the unfulfilled ideal and restore the failure of Adam and Eve.

The next providential step is to restore the dominion over all things. Through the fall, man lost his dominion over all things, so in order to restore it, Father selected and established 120 holy grounds in 1965. To extend the national level of the victorious providential foundation to the world level, Father brought Korean soil and rocks to the selected holy grounds on his world tour. Without restoring the foundation of all things, Father couldn't act internationally.

In order to set up the foundation on which God could proceed, Father selected 120 holy grounds in 40 nations. That providence was to extend True Parents' victorious foundation into the world. By establishing 120 holy grounds in 40 nations, the heavenly way was opened to restore all things on the worldwide level.

When we pray at the holy ground where Korean soil and rocks have been implanted, the road will be open to restore the national sovereignty of God. By selecting and establishing holy grounds for the restoration of all things, for the first time a door to receive God's Day was opened. In 1968, after victoriously completing the first seven-year course, God's Day was declared.

We should know how big the children's duty and responsibilities are. Whether or not the 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples fulfill their responsibility is truly influential. When those children fulfill their responsibility in front of God, the resentment of modem people and spirit men will be resolved.

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