Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Providential Motto for the 1960s

The year 1960 corresponds to the completion level of the growth stage. The perfection stage is the following 7 years.

What were our mottoes for the 1960's? The first one was, "Let's make this the year to leave the utmost result for your entire life." The second one was, "Let's become Father's representatives." The third one was, "Let's be the ones who can show the exemplary standard and who can be proud of it." The fourth one was, "Let's be the victorious subject." All those were talking about Father. In the view of restorational history, I left the utmost result of my life in the 1960s. That's why we should fulfill our mission by being God's representatives. In order to be God's representatives, we should have the standard to show and to be proud of. The standard is to restore the four position foundation in three years. Because Father fulfilled that mission, the motto, "Be the victorious subject," could be promulgated. That has been Father's battle so far; therefore, you should enter the seven-year course in order to leave the utmost result of your life centering upon this first motto. Next, you are to be God's representative; be the victorious sons and daughters who can console God's sorrowful history of being driven out by Satan in the restorational battle. When you block Satan's accusation and make him surrender to you, God will praise you as His victorious sons and daughters in front of all things.

Since the completion of the four position foundation is the completion of the purpose of creation, it is the principle to defeat the satanic world. Therefore, we should create the victorious dominion to win Satan's natural surrender; then we are to go for ward into the world with this victorious foundation. This is the formula. You should be able to leave the utmost result of your life with the first motto. Then, when does your seven-year course start? The first seven-year course has been fulfilled in view of the whole; but your own individual seven-year course should start depending on your decision.

The motto of the first year of the seven-year course was, "Let's make this the year to leave the utmost result of your entire life." The second year's was, "Let's be Father's representatives." The third year's was, "Let's be the ones who can show the exemplary standard and who can be proud of it." The motto from the fourth year until the end of seven-year course was, "Let's be the victorious subject." In the first three years, Father blessed 36, 72 and 124 couples, and assigned them to mission areas. It was like distributing the new land to the 12 tribes after the Israelites entered Canaan.

The new historical age opened in 1960. The new tribe, new nation and new world were to be formed during this period. Centering upon this cardinal point, Father held several Blessing ceremonies. The blessed families have extended the victorious shield (cardinal point of the victory) to the nation and world in the course of the restorational providence.

The rapid change of history since 1960 is due to God's dispensation centering upon the Unification Church. The modern historians don't know why we've entered such a great transitional period. You should know clearly that the Blessing is given to show a good example.

The spirit world has been in great confusion so far. When the river flows and gathers in the sea, it forms a huge ocean. The spirit world was composed of many dams forbidding the flow of water; that's why the water couldn't flow to the sea. But now is the time to destroy the dams and the walls. Since 1960, the historical process of destroying the dams has taken place, so the spirit world is in great confusion.

The final factor of victory is determined by the physical world, not by the spirit world. Originally a couple fell together, so restoration should be centered upon one family. The cooperation of husband, wife and children is vital. The three generations of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, centering upon Noah's three sons' families, formed the foundation of indemnity.

Prior to 1960, Father was focused on fulfilling the individual mission. I overcame those years of receiving all kinds of persecution and hearing all the bad rumors. In 1960, Father could develop God's love horizontally by establishing the family; and then the foundation extended through the following Blessing ceremonies.

In order to receive the Blessing, you are to love God most of all. You should love Him more than you love your parents, your family or yourself. Because to receive the Blessing is to take up the cross of love, some members had to leave their families for the Blessing. It was like Jesus' teaching that "Anyone who loves his or her parents or spouse more than me cannot become my disciple." Abraham had to leave Ur in Chaldea to follow God's call; likewise, some had to leave their hometowns. That propels the bad rumors even more. Such abnormal phenomena happened not by force but by each individual's internal choice.

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