Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Course of the Family-Level Cross of True Parents, or the Way of the Cross in the True Family

Until 1967, there was a separate providence centering upon Father's family; God and Father could not go around this law. Father had to create the most trustworthy environment in the most difficult time.

Humankind's 6,000-year history was the history of the individual cross, but the time for the family-level cross remained. Then who is to carry the family-level cross? Nobody has wanted to shoulder it so far. Jesus was supposed to go forward into the world with his family, carrying the national cross. Because Jesus died shouldering the national cross, Father had to re-indemnify it. Due to Jesus' death, the way of the individual cross and of the family-level cross remained-the dual indemnity course was left. In order to accomplish this, Father walked the way of the individual cross until 1960.

This 14-year course is the same as Jacob's 14-year course. When he had gone over this period, Father could establish the four position foundation of the family level on earth.

In walking the way of the individual cross, one is not to receive or to accept sympathy from anyone. One shouldn't sympathize with anyone or receive any sympathy from others during this indemnity course.

After completing the individual indemnity course in 1960, Father launched the way of the family-level cross. That's why I stopped leading you directly. Until the summer of 1961, Father himself led Sunday service, but I stopped then because the internal problems within my family were more desperate for the providence. Father's focus at that time was how to indemnify the family-level cross in order to successfully restore the 6,000 years of fallen history. By going through all of these courses, Father could establish "Parents' Day," "Children's Day," "The Day of All Things" and "God's Day." You don't know how much Father internally suffered from 1960 until the first day of 1968 when he proclaimed God's Day. You will never know how Father has gone through this course.

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