Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Age in which Parents Pioneer with the Responsibility

In 1960, the Unification Church stood on the completion level of the growth stage. In order to reach the perfection stage from that point, seven years were needed. That was the first seven-year course. When we reach the perfection standard, we are to enter God's direct dominion. The direct dominion is the stage where God directly dominates our hearts and our living.

The first seven-year course is the course in which parents pioneer with the responsibility. During this period, Father had to arrange all the internal and external conditions so that Satan could not accuse Father's family as he developed the providence centering upon his own family. Father and Mother in complete oneness as the representatives of humankind were to resolve all the heartistically alienated, complicated human problems during this seven-year course. They were supposed to stand on the heartistic site bound to the world. Father restored through indemnity the way for Jesus, Jesus' family and Jesus' tribe. In order to connect the one tribal dominion of God to the world level, Father has been holding the Blessing ceremonies.

By 1967, the national standard was established, and it was connected to the world level in 1970. In other words, through the Blessing, Father laid the foundation for all the tribes in the world to follow his victorious tradition.

The parents who are not fallen are called true parents. But Adam and Eve became fallen parents. As a result, the struggles and indemnity for 6,000 years have been left to humankind. That is due to the original parents' mistakes.

Who should take responsibility for that? Parents should take responsibility. They shouldn't leave that responsibility to their children. Due to the parents' mistake, the individual, family, tribe, nation and world became the foundation which Satan could accuse. Parents should cut that off by setting up indemnity conditions. The period to cut this off was the first seven-year course-until the end of 1967.

Therefore, the way for Satan to accuse was blocked during the second seven-year course. You are now in the safety zone.

Who is to go the first seven-year course? Parents should go this course. Because Adam and Eve fell in the completion level of the growth stage, parents should go the way. They are to go centering upon God, not centering upon man or woman. When the blessed family is formed at this level, the center should always be God. When a blessed couple conflicts with God's will, even though they are very intimate, they have to get rid of those intimate elements and stand in the public position. They are not to guide their lives by discussing with each other in a reasonable way what is humanistically correct and fair. They are to go completely centered on God.

When a man stands in the subject position, his wife should be absolutely obedient in front of him. The Abel and Cain relationship applies to the man and woman relationship. There should be absolute obedience with no objection. The more objection the couple has, the more obstacles will block their way. God has been leading such a history.

Father won the substantial victory by going through the seven-year course through such a process. To go through these 7 years and set up these indemnity conditions, Father fought with myriads of nations and with countless denominations.

Here Father must determine the standard of parents on that victorious foundation; then he can proclaim God's Day.

During this seven-year course, Mother should be completely one with Father. She should show absolute obedience to Father. There should be no objection. She may have the emotions of a woman and she may encounter various troubles as the mother of a family. But those problems shouldn't be primary. Various and complicated matters, including a woman's emotional problems, are involved in becoming one with Father.

In order to eradicate all those problems, Father fought for seven years. Father didn't work for the church during that period. You have been fighting externally for the sake of the nation, but the root of your activity is this standard of complete oneness of Father and Mother. Even though you prepared the victorious national foundation, it would have been in vain without the determination of this standard of oneness of husband and wife. The essence is the foundation of the True Parents.

Jesus sacrificed his whole life for the sake of the world, abandoning his physical family and relatives. That's why Father was not supposed to witness to his physical tribe and relatives during this seven-year course. Father marched forward with the heart that anyone who follows God's will is my father and my brothers.

Father's kinsmen were sacrificed in North Korea during this seven-year course. Because they had to indemnify the failure of Jesus' relatives, I knew that they might be trampled to death or horribly overcome by Satan.

On the way out of Pyongyang, I could have met my parents; but I had to depart for South Korea in order to save other tribes first. You are the very ones that I wanted to meet by sacrificing my family and abandoning all my relatives.

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