Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) The Establishment of Three Disciples Prior to the Holy Wedding Ceremony of the True Parents

Jesus definitely needed three disciples. Adam and Eve had three archangels, but they didn't serve Adam and Eve. As a result, the fallen world was formed. In order to stand in the position of perfected parents, the Messiah and his bride must have three absolutely obedient disciples in place of the three archangels. Otherwise, we cannot drive Satan out of the physical world. People who symbolize the three archangels and the three ages (Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age), and who indemnify all the Cain-side problems in history, are definitely needed. Those three people are to be completely obedient to the returning Lord, who comes to indemnify at one time horizontally the vertical history of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age.

In order for Father to hold the Holy Wedding Ceremony, he had to restore the three disciples who betrayed Jesus.

One more purpose of the Holy Wedding Ceremony was to indemnify Adam's family. Adam and Eve fell through the conjugal relationship. The fall took place through a couple, so restoration cannot be done alone. Man alone cannot be restored or saved completely. A woman alone cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven, either. Two are needed to solve the problem. The standard of True Parents should be established on earth by restoring the fallen Adam and Eve. In order to do that, the problem should be solved centering upon the three disciples representing the three archangels.

Jesus is to replace Adam, and the Lord of the Second Advent is to replace Jesus. The returning Lord cannot stand in the True Parent's position without having three absolutely obedient spiritual children. Those three disciples are to be sons of filial piety (to the Lord), who can go over the boundary of life and death and who can follow their Abel in the midst of severe persecution. In April 1960, Father established three such disciples.

On that foundation, Father set up the family which is composed of 12 children, like Jacob's family. Centering upon the three disciples-the three sons-Father gradually set up this standard.

The Holy Wedding Ceremony of 1960 substantially determined the parental position on the foundation of having three disciples representing the three sons of Adam's family, the resurrected Cain, Abel and Seth. This Holy Wedding Ceremony is a significant celebration to indemnify the disunity of the three sons and the parents in Adam's family, which was the source of God's deep resentment. This Holy Wedding that took place in April 1960, in Korea, for the first time in history, was an event of universal significance. From that moment, the fortune of the new history started.

Father established three children in the completion level of the growth stage in 1960. The three children symbolize Peter, John and James.

Prior to Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony in 1960, Father matched three couples, and right after Father's Holy Wedding Ceremony the three couples were blessed. To bless three families is to set up the condition that Peter, John and James, centering upon Jesus, stand in God's ideal realm. The absolutely indivisible, victorious foundation was established on that day.

To set up the three families prior to the Holy Wedding Ceremony is to set up the ideal of bride and bridegroom for Jesus' three disciples. It also signified the establishment of the victorious lineal foundation. The three families became the central families to indemnify all the families in our fallen history.

When the three couples are blessed centering upon the True Parents, eight family members are formed. These three families represent Adam's, Noah's and Abraham's families, and they are the restored Cain-type families. From here the direct, lineal children of God can be born. These three families are the Cain-type figures set up as the children of the returning age, replacing Jesus' three disciples. By serving the Lord of the Second Advent, they are to stand as the restored archangels. Therefore, the three families are the restored families of the three archangels.

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