Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) The Mission of the Spiritual Parent and the Formula of Love

You must find three Cain-type persons in the satanic world and set them up as spiritual children. Spiritual children have to be persons who can serve at the risk of their lives. You must set them up in the position of protecting Adam by risking their lives until Adam perfects himself. You have to set up three people from the fallen world in the position of restored, victorious Cain.

When Jesus is put in a situation of dying by being nailed to the cross, you should not run away. You must protect Jesus when he is going the way of death. You must stand with the determination to lay down your life before him and in his place. If you are not a person of such character, you cannot become a spiritual child who has restored the position of the archangel and harvest a complete victory. You must know in your heart that raising up spiritual children to have absolute faith is three times or even seven times more difficult than rearing your physical children.

The human history of sin started from the archangel who became Satan. In order to restore this history of sin, you first must restore the fallen archangel. Through the restored archangel, you must love spiritual children and make them return to your side. Thus by first loving spiritual children and then loving your physical children, you are restored to the position of parent.

Since man lost love to Satan, he has to snatch love away from Satan's realm of love. Since Satan took away original love, God's side has to take it back. You must establish three spiritual children and make them absolutely obedient in the position of the archangel. You must stand in the position of having loved them absolutely, as God would. Since through false love man lost true love and fell, we must restore by investing love more true and sincere than satanic false love.

Without loving your spiritual children more than secular parents love their children, you cannot restore them. A person who was pulled away by love has to be pulled back through love. In this way, on the foundation of three spiritual children who have been established on the standard of love that harvested victory, you can love your physical children. This is the formula of love.

Father also has maintained that kind of lifestyle. Without going through that formula, the foundation of perfection does not come about. Thus, if you did not establish spiritual children completely, no matter how lovely your physical children are, you cannot live together with them in your house.

When raising up spiritual children, you must love them much more than parents of the world love their children. A person who does not love his spiritual children does not have the qualification to love his own children. Because this is the way of restoration, no one can change this fact.

In order to raise up a son and daughter who represent Cain, even if you starve, you must give them food. And you must give them God's words even if it means not sleeping at night. You must do for them just as Father has done for you.

Blessed families should not love their children just because they are their children. You are not supposed to love them. Since you are in the same situation as Father, without restoring the standard of Adam's family through establishing three spiritual children, you should not love your own children. Blessed families are in the same situation as Father when he was going that road. For that reason, you must also quickly restore spiritual children.

Because even the baby who is in your womb passes through three stages, your three spiritual children must submit to the baby from the time when he or she is inside the womb. Without doing that, you cannot love your own children. Just as the archangel attended Adam and Eve as a servant in the Garden of Eden from when they were in the womb, you must set up three spiritual children so that they attend your child in the womb. There are these kinds of complications on the road that the family has to go.

You are not supposed to love people who are your close relatives first. Instead, you must set up the standard of loving a person on Satan's side-a Cain-type person first-more than loving your parents and brothers and sisters. This is the way of Principle, and that is why the Unification Church, which has walked this road, is developing greatly. Without your making Cain-type people submit themselves naturally through your loving them more than your own parents or brothers and sisters, restoration through indemnity cannot be accomplished. Therefore without Cain, the salvation of Abet also cannot be accomplished.

Without making them persons who love you with a heart of filial piety, more than do your own children, you cannot fulfill restoration through indemnity. Then how hard is it to establish that situation? Without loving Cain to the extent that you forget to eat and sleep, he will not submit himself in his heart. You must know that Father has often broadened that kind of environment and made a realm of victory.

From God's viewpoint, even though Jesus was sent to the earth for restoration through indemnity, he could not find spiritual children who would die with him; thus God had to give him up to the cross. Therefore, you must know that, without establishing the condition of sacrificing for your own children, you won't be able to love them. Without spiritual children, you cannot accomplish the perfection of the providence or your own salvation.

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