Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) How to Stand in the Position of Restored Parent

Right now Christianity in the spiritual world and Christianity on earth are not one. The spiritual realm of Christianity, that is, Paradise, and the realm of Christianity on earth have to become one. We have the responsibility to make them one.

Your physical child and your spiritual children have a very close relationship in terms of the Principle. Your child represents the realm of substance and is in the position of Abel. Spiritual children are a spiritual symbol as well as being in the position of Cain. That means they are in the realm of the archangel. Abel, in terms of Adam's position, signifies the realm of earth.

In order to unite the earth and the spiritual world that were separated, your spiritual children and physical children have to become completely one. If that does not happen, the realm of Christianity in the spiritual world and the realm of Christianity on earth absolutely cannot become one. Cain and Abel have to unite in order for the ideal parents to be born. If Cain and Abel do not become one, the restoration of parents cannot be accomplished.

If, as a condition of indemnity, the spiritual child and the physical child become completely one on earth, then they stand in the situation of the archangel and Adam before the fall. If they stand in that position, they will always receive love from God. If your spiritual child and blessed child become completely one, the position of true parents established according to God's ideal finally can be restored.

You Unification Church members have to find three spiritual children in order to get blessed. The three spiritual children have to attend the child that the spiritual parents conceive after receiving the Blessing from when the baby is in the womb. This is the same as three archangels' supporting and attending Adam when he was being created. Without restoring that foundation through indemnity, a family cannot reach the standard of perfection.

A fundamental restoration has to be established through the baby born after receiving the Blessing. In order to do that, three spiritual children have to absolutely attend the blessed child from the time that he or she is in the womb, and when the baby is born, have to give the utmost effort to support the baby until he or she grows up and gets married. Without establishing this tradition, complete restoration cannot be accomplished. Father has to go this road of restoration, and all of you have to go this road, too.

The fact that the archangel made Adam and Eve fall is the root of God's resentment. Without attending the blessed child, the road of restoration for the three spiritual children, who are in the position of archangels, does not appear. The spiritual parent, who is blessed, and three spiritual children have to make a relationship of attendance centering on the blessed baby. Centering on the blessed child, the parents also can finally stand in the position of restored parents. Ultimately, just as fallen Adam and Eve are being restored through Abel, the parents who received the Blessing are being perfected through the second generation. Thus, you should know that, without spiritual children, you should not conceive your own children. Without spiritual children, you cannot love your blessed baby or be restored.

You must inevitably establish three spiritual children before receiving the Blessing. If you look centering on yourselves, that is just as important as meeting the Messiah. In order for you to receive love from God, you must stand in the position of Abel. The position called Abel substitutes for Adam, so three archangels are needed. Only by establishing the foundation of three archangels in complete obedience to Adam can you be restored to the position of unfallen, perfected Adam. But even if you received the Blessing, if you do not have three spiritual children, or if you stand in the position of three archangels having dominion over you, restoration through indemnity absolutely cannot be accomplished.

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