Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) The Relationship Between Spiritual Children and Physical Children

Before you came into the Church, you were in the satanic world. Then you entered the Church by coming to know God's will. Originally, you were to have an absolute foundation as you were being born. You were supposed to stand in the position of unfallen Adam and Eve. But since you were born with a fallen blood lineage, in order to restore that original standard you must believe and follow God's word. By becoming a witness to the Unification Church, you make a foundation of Cain and Abel. Since you did not have that foundation before you were born, you must set up indemnity conditions.

An indemnity condition is set in order to allow your blessed child to become an object of hope. A blessed family has to wait anxiously for the birth of a baby and has to attend to the child from when he or she is in the womb. Without doing this clearly, you cannot go the way of restoration. Without standing in a position of uniting with the blessed child by attending him even in the womb, you cannot stand in the position of the archangel's becoming one with Adam.

You will be blessed and have children. When you conceive a blessed child, you must establish the condition that three spiritual children become completely one with the blessed baby in the womb. In this way, the three spiritual children have to protect and take care of the blessed baby until the baby is 21 and gets married. This is the same as the archangel's having the mission to protect and take care of Adam and Eve until they grew up and became an ideal couple. If your spiritual parent had a blessed baby, that baby is the same as Adam and Eve whom God created.

When you get blessed, you will have children. In front of them, there also are spiritual children. Spiritual children are in the position of external substance, like Jesus. Your physical child is in the similar position, but as children of internal substance.

Just as humankind has hoped historically for the manifestation of the Second Coming, spiritual children have to hope for the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. That is, spiritual children must expect nothing greater than the birth of blessed children through their spiritual parent. Moreover, they have to respect the blessed child from the time the child is in the womb. just as the archangel was to think highly of Adam and Eve, and was supposed to talk with and support them, spiritual children have to love and value the child more than their lives from the time the spiritual parents conceive. They have to wait with the highest hope for the day that the baby is born. And when the baby is born, they have to offer all of their property, or else the road to restore the right of ownership of the archangelic standard will never come to exist.

When the baby inside the womb of the spiritual parent is born, amidst happiness and hope that cannot be exchanged for the entire cosmos, spiritual children should receive the child with the happy heart feeling as if that accomplishment were their own success. By helping the child get married and settle, they have to set up the standard of having restored through indemnity the fact that the archangel did not love Adam, Cain and Abel. By doing that centering on that standard of perfection, Satan will be completely separated. Without doing that, there is no way to make Satan turn back. You always talk about restoration through indemnity, but when have you completed restoration through indemnity? It is possible because there is the principle that completely separates, centering on the blessed family. Thus you absolutely need spiritual children.

Absolute rule connects with the utmost effort and with eternity. Absoluteness is the highest dictatorship. Even though you must be a dictator, you have to make the ground level. Therefore, the responsibility of the family is enormous. You must set up three spiritual children in your family and properly arrange for the children in the womb first. You must have spiritual sons and daughters who say, "Child inside the womb, please be born quickly!" If you do not do that, complete indemnity does not happen.

Three spiritual children are restored archangels. just as three archangels guided and supported Adam and Eve from the time of their creation, spiritual children have to attend their spiritual parents' blessed child of substance from when he or she is in the womb and until he or she is married. Then, finally, they can set up the standard of their own restoration.

When a Cain-type son and daughter are established, they have to attend and raise up the sons and daughters of substance from the moment they are born, and even be able to help them get married.

The fact that Jesus and his three disciples suffered together and traveled together through life and death was because there was the fundamental rule called "spiritual children." Because we have not clearly understand that fundamental rule until now, Satan has violated this world at will and made everyone miserable. The archangel who did not love Adam and Eve, nor the child that Adam and Eve conceived, is Satan.

In order to restore the realm of the archangel, spiritual children have to love Adam and Eve, represented by their spiritual parents, and their child within the womb. And through that standard, they have to take responsibility for the child from the day of birth until the day of marriage. This is the fundamental rule of the Principle. When you look at this in Father's family, Father himself is not supposed to raise up his children through direct intervention. Three other families had that responsibility.

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