Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Formula Course for the Restoration of the Family

In order to make a heavenly family, you must have three spiritual children. In this way you cannot say that you have prepared a family foundation without making a foundation of spiritual sons and daughters' attending your physical children, whom you beget after receiving the Blessing, even from when they are in the womb. Father is not saying this merely for practical reasons. It is the law of heaven.

For that reason Jesus also tried to embrace his three disciples even at the final place of death. But all of them ran away. Thus Jesus had to ascend from there. If the three disciples had died with Jesus, before resurrecting Jesus, God would have resurrected the three disciples. If that had happened, Jesus would not have had to resurrect, but only the Holy Spirit would have had to come down to earth. In that way, if a spiritual foundation had been established on earth, the faithful could have had direct contact with the spiritual world without praying so much. But because there was no standard on earth for him to be the parent, Jesus, who was the father, had to go to the spiritual world as the representative of heaven, and the Holy Spirit, who symbolized the mother, had to come down to earth.

Since the father and the mother were separated, it was very hard for people to become their children. It is clear that this happened because the three disciples of Jesus had not established a victorious base of restoration on earth and because they did not set the condition of going through life and death together with Jesus. Since this is the law, every Unification Church member should know that he cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without establishing this family. Jesus died because of that, and Father also suffered for 21 years because of that; and also God has been working for 6,000 years in order to find that. This is the formula course that everyone who learns the Principle has to go. There is no forgiveness in this formula course. There is no forgiveness. No matter how well a person knows Father, this is the way it is.

You must from now restore the family. In order to do that, you must find three spiritual children. In this way, by establishing a four position foundation with those children and by making an external four position foundation of faith centering on you as parent, you must make the foundation of your spiritual children's completely serving your direct children. What is the significance of these three spiritual children? They correspond to three archangels in the spiritual world. In the same way as the three archangels' attending Adam and Eve from when they were created, your spiritual children have to attend the children you will have after your Blessing, from when they are in the womb. What does this mean? You are indemnifying on this earth the standard of the archangel's supporting Adam from before his creation to when Adam got married after becoming mature. Thus, three spiritual children are absolutely needed.

There is the age of Adam, of Jesus, and of the Second Coming. Here, Adam is the first son, Jesus is the second son, and the Second Coming is the third son. In these three ages, who opposed restoration history? Cain always opposed Abel. Thus Cain-type restoration has to be accomplished, and three archangels have to be restored first. In this way, without making the foundation of their completely attending the child you will have after the Blessing, your descendant cannot become heaven's citizen. This is the law of heaven.

Jesus also died because he did not fulfill this. If it was not like that, but rather was as simple as you think, then why did Jesus die? Did he die because there were no unmarried women at that time? It is because he has to obey this heavenly law. Because that is the formula for entering the Kingdom of Heaven, you cannot enter without walking that formula course. You do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven individually but only as a family.

Everyone without exception has to leave the satanic world in order to be admitted into the nation of God. Thus you must find and meet the True Parents and true brothers and sisters. The Unification Church has to cleanse completely every impure love, and because Eve lost three kinds of love in one generation, it has to restore three kinds of love in one generation. You must form a couple in a place which parents and brothers can like.

In order for you to form a family, you need to witness to three persons. These three people are three archangels. By having parents, brothers, husband and wife, and angels, you can start a family. Original sin is rooted in false love. Thus, do not be tainted with sin ever again. From an ideal family, an ideal tribe is formed. I hope that you form a true ideal family.

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