Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) The Formation of the Family Through Three Spiritual Children

If you do not have three spiritual children, I cannot give you the Blessing, and you cannot receive the Blessing. But there are some people who did not set this kind of condition and are leading their lives after receiving the Blessing. These people also have to quickly establish three spiritual children. Even after the Blessing, three archangels have to want to support that couple and that family. If three spiritual children who are like three archangels supported you as an individual but did not support you as a family and couple, it is not good. In order to make that foundation of support, you need a period of three years.

If a couple becomes one having accomplished this standard, since they each have three spiritual children, there will be eight all together, including the couple. In this way, by realizing the condition that the people who are in the position of the archangel became completely one with the spiritual parents, from there they can be restored to the position of eight members of Adam's family. If a man and woman, who each have spiritual children, enter a realm of life by getting matched, and achieve the standard of becoming one by reciprocal love and by not disobeying God, the three persons, who are like archangels, enter the domain of adopted children.

The eight members of fallen Adam's family came to stand in the position of Satan's children. Thus, for fallen persons to be restored, they cannot enter immediately the position of God's child of direct descent, but must go through the domain of adopted child. From the domain of adopted child, the person has to become one with his or her parent and grow up for seven years from the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage.

You have not yet gone up to the standard of perfection. It is the teaching of the Principle that in order to enter God's direct dominion, you must go over the standard of perfection. You are not like that now. Overall, you are about at the standard of the perfection level of the growth stage. Adam's family fell at the perfection level of the growth stage. But we, centering on that, have to go up with the standard of perfection as our goal, and that is the seven years for the formation of the family.

Because Adam's family fell, everything in the world came to be fallen. Thus, by becoming one with your spiritual parent, you must become a family that lives with world restoration as your goal. Because of the fall, eight members of Adam's family fell into the unprincipled domain under Satan. Now in a reverse process with spiritual parent and spiritual children becoming one, you are going from the position of Satan's child to the standard of God's adopted child. For that reason, these eight people have to become completely one and go the way of sacrifice for the sake of the restoration of the world.

Satan made man and woman fall by going the way of sacrificing their surroundings, but we are sacrificing ourselves in order to save the world and are putting this into practice. Satan made the world fall in order to destroy the world centering on himself. But we have to sacrifice ourselves and go in the opposite way to save this world. This fundamental rule will never be shaken. By forming a restored family, the world will be separated into families of the fallen world and families of the restored parent.

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