Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Without Eight Family Members Restoration Is Not Possible

In order to establish the standard of accomplishing God's greatest hope, we must set up indemnity conditions. When setting up indemnity conditions, we are not just setting up conditions; we must set up substance. What is the resentment of God? It is losing Adam's eight family members -- Adam and Eve and their three sons and spouses. That is why in order to dissolve that resentment, we must establish three children. When you find three children, you are finding eight family members, including men and women.

Setting up these eight family members is the best road to filial piety and loyalty. Without setting up these three children, we cannot return to God. We must absolutely fulfill this life and death matter.

What is the fall? It is the loss of eight family members centering on the false parent. In other words, losing Cain, Abel, Seth, and their spouses-all together eight family members centering on evil parents-is the fall. Thus we must restore eight family members. In order to go over this life and death matter, we must equip ourselves with eight family members.

Quickly find three spiritual children. A woman has to find three daughters, and a man has to find three sons. Originally, the person who did the witnessing was supposed to arrange marriage for those spiritual sons and daughters. Do you understand what I am saying? The only thing that remains in the universe is the Blessing. It is only the Blessing. All of this is plausible because Father gives proof.

Marriage is not done alone. If a couple has three spiritual children, with three sons to whom the man witnessed and three daughters to whom the woman witnessed, they have to marry them first, second and third, just as they are. In that way they have to find eight family members. Since Adam lost eight family members, with out finding them, a person cannot enter the road of restoration. At the time of Noah, God sent the flood judgment when they became eight in number. God could wipe away Satan's world because there were eight family members. If eight family members are not there, a person cannot do the work of restoration.

Jesus also did his work in order to establish eight family members. The reason for his setting up three disciples was also that he needed eight family members in order to fulfill Israel. Jesus' three disciples are archangel types representing three ages. In other words, Jesus is restoring through indemnity in one moment the mistake of Adam by passing through three ages. He is fully restoring three archangels who were lost spiritually.

Jesus' three disciples also had to be willing to die in his place. Actually, the archangel has no children. But because man fell, he came to stand in the position of child of the archangel. Thus we must deny that relationship and walk the road of restoration to the origin by connecting with God's heart.

When Jesus was born, why did three wise men from the East come? They came as the restored archangels of the spirit world. They were from foreign countries and had no relationship with Jesus whatsoever. The fact that these three wise men came from the East and offered gold, frankincense, and myrrh was a promise that all of the angelic, satanic world, that is, all of the archangels, would be offered. In this way, Jesus started out as an Adamic being.

Since satanic representatives offered everything, Israel's three high priests, who were heaven's representatives, had to submit to Jesus. If that had happened, Jesus wouldn't have died on the cross. But because that did not happen and he lost everything, Jesus died on the cross. Where did the archangels who came from the spiritual world go? Where did the high priest who represented the nation go? He lost everything. Next, where did the representatives of new religions, who had to testify to Jesus centering on John the Baptist, go? They too were all lost. Since he lost Joseph's family and even his last hope, the three main disciples, where could Jesus go? There was no place. Thus he had to die.

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