Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) Three Spiritual Children

What are spiritual children? They represent three lost archangels. Adam and Eve fell because the three archangels did not stand in a realm of supporting each other. This has to be indemnified. Thus three spiritual children representing the three archangels have to become one and stand in a position to offer their lives to Adam. You stand in the position of Adam and Eve toward your spiritual children. You must make the realm of heart where the three spiritual children who stand representing the three archangels do not have any regret in offering their lives to their spiritual parent. Through education, you must make that relationship.

The purpose of God's creating archangels was for them to educate and take care of Adam and Eve until they established a realm of heart for making a family. But in the opposite way, they brought about a problem. This fact was the fall. Thus the restoration of the realm of heart is established by three spiritual children who are the same as three archangels becoming one and standing in a position of having no regret in giving their lives for you. In this way, for the first time, you can stand in a position of having indemnified the failure of Adam to unite the three archangels.

We absolutely need spiritual children. Adam and Eve had three archangels in front of them. Adam and Eve could not become God's perfected children without establishing these archangels in the position of serving them all their lives. But the archangel Lucifer drifted away from his position and seduced Adam and Eve into falling. We must restore this through indemnity. Three spiritual children, viewed horizontally, are in the position of three archangels. They have to become completely one.

Originally, in the place of the archangels becoming one with God, Adam and Eve were created. The archangels were created first, and by becoming one with God, they created Adam and Eve. We must restore that standard. Thus we must first raise up spiritual children. It is the fundamental rule that on the foundation of already prepared spiritual children, you are to receive the Blessing and have children.

You must symbolically create the three archangels. In the same way that God created the archangel, all things, and then His son and daughter, you must pass through the course of Adam and Eve's re-creating the lost road. Only by raising up three spiritual children can you set up the condition of restoring three archangels.

Only by having those archangels stand in a supportive position and dedicating their lives, can Adam be re-created. Archangels were created as helpers and objects who serve and praise God. But because Adam and Eve fell, they lost the angelic world and material of the universe. Thus we must restore and re-create what was lost. The archangel is a being like Satan and is a spiritual child in the position of Cain.

You must raise up three spiritual children. Because Jesus' disciples, who were supposed to be one body with Jesus centering on him, took the position of betraying Jesus, you must raise up three spiritual children to restore this. Moreover, you must restore 12 disciples and 72 disciples. This is the assignment that we must accomplish in our indemnity course. We must raise up three spiritual children, and centering on them, we must establish 12 disciples, 72 disciples and 120 disciples. This was the 21-year course that Father accomplished.

You must find three spiritual children. Once you have done this, you have established the condition of raising up three archangels, three sons of Adam and three Cain-type older brothers in the satanic world. The Old Testament Age was the age of race; the New Testament Age, the age of nation; and the Completed Testament Age is the age of the world. In the Old Testament Age, 600,000 Israelites had to find their way to Canaan. In the New Testament Age, Jesus, centering on a nation, had to establish a worldwide Canaan. In the Completed Testament Age, we, the Unification Church, have to establish a cosmic land of Canaan within the realm of the world. From this viewpoint, three stages and three children are indispensable.

And again, just as God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and just as there are the first, second, and third Adams, and there were three archangels, we must establish three spiritual children. Thus Jesus also needed three disciples. The Unification Church also sets up three families first. On that foundation we could be connected in all directions by making 12 families, and I could enter the center. Jesus also had to make 12 families centering on 12 disciples in order to protect his family. Do you now understand the importance of spiritual children?

And if I do not save the worldwide Cain, I cannot enter heaven. In order to connect Cain of three ages, that is, the Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament ages, it is absolutely necessary. In the representative positions they can become one, and this can change the direction of the satanic world.

The words that we must guard against the most in the Unification Church are, "Do not witness." The words, "It is OK not to witness. It is OK not to have any spiritual children," are the words that Satan likes the most.

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