Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

7) Training on Earth for Life in the Spirit World

When a person does a good deed, he will be welcomed in America as well as in the Soviet Union. True love receives a welcome in Washington, DC, as well as in Moscow.

A person who sacrifices for others will be welcomed as a great person wherever he goes in the world. And a person who is welcomed on earth will also be welcomed in the spirit world. This is the truth, and can be applied everywhere.

Father, who knows this Principle, is telling you to offer sacrifice and service to your neighbors, to your home country, and to all humankind. This is the only way God and the spirit world can welcome us. Thus I have walked this road from the time of the birth of the Unification Church until now. Moreover, I know that only by going this road will you reach salvation; therefore, I have urged you to go this road.

Only by training yourself to live for others while on earth will you be able to continue the life of living for others automatically, even when you go to the spirit world after death. That is why I am repeating this training for you.

If the American diet is bread and cheese, how will you like it in the spirit world if there is only rice, kimchi and hot pepper paste? Because you will have a diet to which you never became accustomed on earth, when you go to the spirit world you will lose your health. Thus, the Unification Church is sending you out to a life of hardship, so that you may learn to stay healthy no matter what environment you encounter. I am giving you training to adapt to any environment. I am giving you the education to make you confident to overcome any difficulty, knowing that you have been prepared for that kind of situation.

Your witnessing, home church and economic activities are so that you form the habits necessary to overcome any difficulties you encounter.

Father has walked the road of suffering ahead of us, standing on the frontline. Father has walked the road soaked with blood, sweat and tears. In addition to working as a stevedore and ditch-digger, sometimes I was accused of being a criminal and had to walk the way of the cross. Especially in those times I tried to feel God's heart, and spent sleepless nights praying with tears. This is why we are able now to do anything that can be done in this world. It is because I experienced all situations. No matter what kind of circumstance I found myself in, I was able to adapt.

No matter what kind of circumstance a person faces, if he or she maintains subjectivity and finds an object with whom to have give and take, there is nothing that person cannot do. Even when you go to a bar, if you can find a person to witness to, that bar is already a place without danger. You can probably drink Coke and continue conversation with the people in the bar. Thinking that you have to drink alcohol when you go to a bar is a dangerous concept. It's wrong to think that you will feel good only by drinking alcohol.

When we are put in a situation, we must think of the best method to deal with it. If a person gives up because the surroundings are difficult, he will be a failure. A laborer can feel the joy of working and the value of money through labor.

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