Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

6) The Meaning of Witnessing to One Person a Month

When you look centering on Moses, who was the leader of the Israelite nation, there were 12 tribal leaders and 72 elders. In the Bible it is sometimes depicted as 72 or 70, but it has to be 72. Why? Because 72 is 6 times 12. Seventy is two less than 72.

The 72 couples have to be completed. Jesus did not establish the Kingdom of Heaven because his 12 disciples did not unite and the 72 disciples did not become one. Thus Jesus was chased by 72 people and pursued by 12 disciples. In the end he was ignored by three disciples and nailed to the cross alone. Being chased by his parents and his family, and being pursued by the Israelite people and nation, he fought for three years. Because of their disbelief, he could not build the Kingdom of Heaven.

If we do not form that situation again and restore through indemnity Jesus' substantial standard, the Kingdom of Heaven will never come. This is the core of the Principle.

Without 12 disciples and 72 disciples, they could not mobilize Israel's 600,000. The problem is 12 disciples and 72 disciples.

Last year Father told you to witness to one person per month. This is a supreme command. Please follow. Father did not tell you this without any preparation. Jesus tried to establish a standard of mind and body within three to three and a half years. But that failed because of the Israelite people's disbelief.

For us to restore through indemnity the same situation as Jesus, we must spend at least three years in spiritual restoration and at least three years in physical restoration. Without doing that, we cannot build a foundation of both spirit and body. Thus we need seven years. In this seven-year period everybody has to make effort to do God's will and to build the Kingdom of Heaven. What do you want to do for seven years? Without finding and establishing the 12 disciples and 72 disciples that Jesus lost, centering on the family, we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven.

When you add 12 people and 72 people, it totals 84 people, and when you multiply seven years by 12, it becomes 84. Without each of us gathering 12 disciples and 72 disciples, we cannot make the bridge to the Kingdom of Heaven which Jesus needed to establish worldwide. We must realize that if we do not make this bridge by dedicating our lives, we will not be connected to the Kingdom of Heaven, and so we should be burning with a sense of mission. If you witness to one person per month, it finally totals 84 people after seven years. Therefore it is an essential part of the worldwide standard that we should witness to at least one person per month.

If the Unification Church members all over the world arm themselves with this conviction and advance towards that goal by uniting completely, without a doubt the authority of Satan will crumble.

On the foundation of each person's witnessing to one person per month, the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven will open up in society. This is the fundamental law of the Principle, and I give this as the highest command. If you do not resolve this even at the cost of your life, there is no place for you to go. Even Jesus was caught in this problem. Father settled this problem by dedicating his whole life. Without resolving this, we cannot dissolve the resentment in God's heart.

From now on Father gives the order. Write to your parents and brothers and sisters once every 10 days. Tribal restoration is possible even with one third the effort that you make in activities of society. Finding and establishing 12 disciples and 72 disciples centering on your tribal foundation becomes the foundation to build the Kingdom of Heaven. Without that you cannot take leadership over society. In order to establish a worldwide foundation, establish 120 people. Father already has done that.

Think about it. If the death rate is one percent, in one year one person per hundred will die. And among 3.6 billion people, 36 million people die in a year and go to hell. For God this is a big loss. For Satan it a great victory. If the transmission of God's will is one year faster, 36 million people will be saved. If it is 10 years sooner, 360 million people will be saved.

When you think in this way, you naturally will know how desperate it is that we transmit the Principle to the world more quickly than before. By deeply experiencing every day how much God wants that, you should give all your effort.

From now on you just have to restore through indemnity the situation of Adam's growing up free in the Garden of Eden without receiving Satan's accusation. In other words, you have to mend the diseased human condition of being cracked and broken.

In order to do that, you must establish three spiritual children.

Then you can stand in front of God as a family. After that, by gaining 12 disciples, you can connect the spiritual and physical worlds. You can liberate the many ancestors who are entangled in the spiritual world. Without liberating the spiritual and physical worlds, you cannot complete the responsibility of restoring these two worlds.

Thus you absolutely must complete the number 12. That is why on earth all directions center on east, west, north and south, and centering on the number 12, there are twelve months. The organization of the universe is the same way. Heaven is also like that and it moves in that way. There are four gates symbolizing east, west, north, and south; 12 apostles representing the 12 pearly gates; and 12 elders substituting for 12 seasons. In this way, heavenly law says that the fate of heaven and the fate of earth have to coincide. If you go to the Kingdom of Heaven with only three children and if they are eastern, you will only be able to go east; you can only go in one direction. It is the same as staying only in the spring season among the four seasons. You can only go in and out of that gate. What does this mean? It means that all of the Kingdom of Heaven is not yours, because you have the characteristic of only one direction.

The reason for Jesus' selecting 12 disciples was that he had to go in all directions and have dominion over everything. Thus Jesus tried to destroy the obstructing wall of 12 people for three years. He did the work of completely uniting them by fitting and conforming to all of their minds.

Until the Kingdom of Heaven is completed, a period of three and a half years and a period of seven years continues to be the formula course. Thus, you must go the formula course of three and a half years before marriage and seven years after marriage. Jesus tried first to find a family through his three-year course and second to go a seven-year course. According to this formula, he was to restore and bless three spiritual children and 12 disciples in a three-year period. Then he was to walk the seven-year course. This is the Principle view. We must finally restore through indemnity the fact that Jesus could not, in a seven-year period, prepare a foundation in Israel through Judaism from which to reach out to the world. That responsibility is bestowed upon us now.

For seven years we must witness to one person a month, making a total of 84 people. Centering on 12 disciples and 72 disciples, we must form a tribal realm. Seventy-two elders are national leaders. If that happens, you can set up three disciples in the family realm and 12 disciples in the tribal realm.

Even if, in the place of Jesus, we shed blood, sweat and tears, and bear a cross of substance in terms of the family in order to establish a foundation of substance in spirit and body, we still have remaining with us the mission to fulfill the family responsibility. Thus the Unification Church is going the way of the family-level cross after marriage. After dying on the cross, Jesus resurrected and, centering on 12 disciples and 72 disciples, started the course of spiritual restoration. If we do not do that mission before we are nailed to a cross, the bridge which is our connection to the Kingdom of Heaven will disappear. Fighting to complete that is the seven-year course. Within these seven years we must witness to one person a month for a total of 84 people. This is the way of Principle and not something that is invented out of pragmatic considerations.

We members of the Unification Church are attending True Parents. We must become brothers and sisters who are closer than those born of the same blood. By going beyond our own nation, we must equip ourselves with a heartistic standard that transcends nationality. The Kingdom of Heaven is accomplished by transcending national boundaries. Therefore, a person without a heartistic standard transcending nationality cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Father walked that road. You must from now on find and establish 12 disciples. And then you establish 72 disciples. If you do not do that, the Kingdom of Heaven will not be realized. That is the mission given to you.

At first you must set up three children. Since you have to restore Adam's family, 8 people have to form a family. In order to protect that family you need 12 brothers. It is the same with Jacob's 12 children. That becomes the tribal foundation, and by magnifying that tribe, it must become a national foundation. The people who can lead that national foundation are 72 elders. If centering on Jesus this had been achieved, Jesus would never have died as he did. That remains as an indemnity course. Father also walked that formula. I established three families, then 36 couples who represent three ages, with 12 families per age. Then 72 couples, 124 couples, 430 couples, 777 couples and 1800 couples were established. Six times three is 18, and this blessing is a blessing with the condition that we have arrived at a standard that Satan's realm cannot reach. You must go this road absolutely.

From now on there will be no more persecution where you are witnessing. Whoever persecutes you will perish. From now on, what you sow will be harvested as yours.

You see that all humankind are brothers and sisters when you think of God's love and of His being the Parent. Thus, having received the command from our Parent, we go out to find our lost brothers and sisters through witnessing. That is the way of faith.

In this way, when you are witnessing and meet someone, by welcoming the person as if you had found a lost brother and by sacrificially loving him, he will be able to return to the bosom of his parents. Because he does not know the parents that he has lost, you should teach him so that he feels joy and likes them. They might be our brothers, but they do not know what they are. Only in the place where we teach, hold each other and weep together, can brothers be found. You must witness with that heart. You must witness without sleeping at night.

By connecting through these love relationships, the Kingdom of Heaven will be established. You must witness with the same anxious heart which God has as He seeks to find His children.

The person who wants to find those lost people by loving them more than he wants to be with his spouse is a person who has inherited his parents' heart. And even if you don't live together after the Blessing, it is more valuable to save even one more person. That is the way to receive more blessing from God. The reason is that you will meet your spouse in the Kingdom of Heaven after death, but if you do not save these lost people, you will not meet them there. If your brother accuses you, you will be caught. You should know that when the realm of love which universalizes both conjugal love and parental love is realized on earth, that is the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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