Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

5) A Subject which Makes God Weep Bitterly

While you are fundraising, you should experience being slapped on the face or kicked. You should also meet a person who spits in your face. It is because that is what all the saints and sages in past history experienced.

I will tell you one story. Even if the people of the world spit, curse and hit, Father does not feel pain. In fact, I can forgive them all. But it is absurd that people who were once members and then left, spit at and kick us. When I see this, I can feel the heart of Jesus who forgave Judas Iscariot and all his enemies from the cross and then dealt lovingly with the disciples who betrayed him. In the old days, one of the people following me plotted to injure me while I was imprisoned in the Sohdaemun jail. I still cannot forget that. It is not just once or twice that I have experienced that kind of thing.

When I pray, I am full of tears. It is because I know that God has been suffering in the same way I have. God knows that I have suffered and what I have been afflicted with. Even my parents, brother and wife do not know this road. If you say that I am weak, I am extremely weak, and if you say that I am humble, I am extremely so. But when I see that God is trying to believe in me greatly, more than in the world or universe, I am deeply ashamed of myself and do not know where to hide. I have this kind of experience.

How could God, who has created the universe and can do anything with it, become like this through the fault of Adam and Eve? When you pray and get to know Reverend Moon through people who are spiritually sensitive, you will be able to cry, thinking of him. If spiritually attuned people pray and God teaches, you will cry abundant, bitter tears. And again if you pray for Father, there will be nothing but bitter crying.

You should think about how to solve the vast content of the Principle. Where would you start? The task of condensing all the content of the providence, making an order and organization, and making a standard so that others can understand, is not simple.

Many times I did not see the sun because I cried too much. In that fashion I have traveled this road. I cannot teach you all the facts of living under that degree of difficulty. I will take responsibility for that. You do not have to go through some things if Father has not taught you about them. I teach you with the desire that you may be able to go an easier way.

Korean members who have been in the Unification Church for a long time have experienced that degree of difficulty and know these circumstances. Since I feel that you should know and feel these things at least to a certain extent, and dedicate yourselves with similar effort, I am telling these things to you. Now if you experience these things through similar effort, it will help you tremendously when you go to the spirit world. If you have such experiences here, it will be of help to you for thousands and tens of thousands of years.

When you do the work of restoring the cosmos and saving humankind, making a few dollars is not important. God's circumstances are piteous and absurd. It becomes significant when you say that you are offering this money to God. One reason is that this money is not simply a penny but has God's heart infused into it. Second, it is like an offering which could be a substitute for all things. You must be able in this way to say that I am offering my heart and my mind a thousand-fold, ten-thousand-fold, a billion-fold. Even if it is only a penny, my heart should be filled with billions of hearts when offering it. In that way you should be able to say, "When You, God, receive my offering, please give Your blessing." Do you know the nobility and holiness of the place on which you will stand if you offer with this kind of thinking?

In your life there must be have been times when you met someone who cried bitterly, as if they had just met Christ or their long-lost mother or father. There are many instances like that in Father's life, also. I remember keeping a young woman from becoming a prostitute. It seems like yesterday that I wept bitterly after I heard her circumstances.

That kind of experience is more valuable than praying. The experience of eating a sandwich because you were hungry while you were fundraising can be the content of a prayer that can make God weep bitterly. While you sell newspapers, you are going to meet all kinds of people. But you should not use bad language about it. You are blocking a person on the sidewalk and asking him to do something he may not want to do, but you will sell newspapers by overcoming that.

There is nothing more difficult than personal relationships. Therefore, though you may not know it, I am training you in personal relationships in the most difficult places. I have already walked that path.

Who is my enemy? It is not the world, Cain, the New York Times or the Washington Post. You must see their opposition to me as Satan accusing in order to remove that nature from me.

If you are perfect, you can claim compensation for injury caused by false accusations. That is why you will not perish. Have you ever thought whether the hand you use in fundraising is for God or for Satan? When you can say that it is God's hand, they will believe you to be a representative of the world. You can say, "I came to work for the whole world! You also can receive the benefit of participating in a worldwide effort; please support this fundraising!" You must fundraise thinking in this way. When you are like that, even if you are rejected by ten people, tears will fall without your realizing. God Himself will cry.

Even when you are happy, if people sympathize with you, happiness rises from within. That is God rejoicing. If you work in that mood, even if you come in after midnight, at one or two o'clock in the morning, your legs will feel light. You must know that. Reverend Moon also has passed through that reality.

You know by now that your enemy is your body. You need at least three years of thinking, "I must control this body." Only in this way can your mind control your body as a habit.

Father labored at night to pay for a friend's tuition. To pay that tuition, I needed to collect one penny at a time. Why did I do this? Because I knew God. If I did not go that road, I would have lived splendidly as a worldly person today. I would have been recognized as a smart person, and I could have advanced to a position of leading one nation. Father is a person with that level of ability.

Even now when I consider for whom I have wept tears all my life, I cannot deny that I came to know and cry for God. I received persecution not because I am stupid. I could endure because I knew that God had gone through even worse suffering. Don't you think even Father had personal desires and dreams? In the prime of my youth I had a beautiful dream. But I cut everything off mercilessly so that I would not have personal dreams.

In this way I became the Reverend Moon of today. I have the ability to control even ten million dollars, but I am in the same position as a company president who does not have a penny. Even when I use money I think of you. I do not think of using money for myself. No matter where I go, I do not want to go to restaurants or eat lunch outside. I don't think of buying clothes for myself.

If I have money, I do not use it for myself but for America and the world. Even if you suffer, you cannot complain about Father because of this.

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