Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

4) The Reason for Doing Business Activities

Do you know why Reverend Moon made money? In the original world of creation, all created things belonged to God and Adam. But Satan took everything away; thus we must take it back. For that reason, I invested myself completely, more than any economist or company president. I worked hard with the mind of loving God and loving humankind. I did not make money for myself.

I have raised up members of the Unification Church by giving the utmost effort. I raised them up as if they were my own children. Because Christians, who could have been God's children, and all the religious people, were falling into Satan's trap, I have bound them together again by giving the utmost effort.

I am a Korean and an Asian. This is America. This nation is a rich nation. I did not use American money for American people but used money that I raised in Korea and Japan for them. Since America is a world-level representative nation, the fundamental rule was that I should love Americans more than my own children, more than my own people, and more than Asians. Therefore, I did. Because I did that, I made a foundation to be able to save the world.

That meant connecting God's love. I have done this work. Even if I was vexed and felt mistreated because people directed abusive words at me and treated me as a bad person, I was patient and worked hard in order to make this foundation. While American people and American youths were leading carefree lives, I was living with tears. While American people were playing, I did not rest, but created all kinds of activities. I lived the opposite way. I am willing even to go to jail in order to liberate America. In this sense I am the most pitiable person.

You must know that if America stones and spits at this most pitiable person, God will not just sit quietly. But because you are not only Americans but also Unification Church members, you must know that I pray, "Heavenly Father, since these are Americans also, please forgive this nation on the basis of looking at these people." You must know that America has this debt. That is why America must someday pay back that debt, and it should pay it back to the Unification Church members.

The Unification Church is not fundraising in order to make money, but to restore and love all things. Thus, the money you make before marriage is used for saving the world and for missionaries. We are saying that we use the money we make before marriage for the world. We should scatter it like seeds. Thus if I don't have money after marriage, I can harvest it from where I sowed my seeds.

I tell you clearly today that I could not give to the Unification Church members whom I love. Because I knew that I should not take care of them, I sent them out to places of death and sacrificed them. Because I know that God has woven the providence of salvation by sacrificing those whom He loved, I love the Unification Church members but I cannot give that love to them. You should know this.

If America, with its enormous economic foundation, had helped Reverend Moon, I would not have involved you in business activities, and if all the youth of the world, transcending national boundaries, had supported Reverend Moon, I would not have let you do witnessing activities.

Father treated any person you brought as an American who welcomes Father. And Father tried to establish the money that you raised as money that America and American citizens were giving. In this way you should know that Reverend Moon's tears and blood have been added to even one penny that you raised or to one member that you brought.

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