Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

3) Training to Inherit the Right of the Love of True Parents

The reason for your fundraising is to form a heartistic bond for getting closer to your Parents through all things. Therefore, no matter how difficult a place is, you must go in. The money that is gathered in that way gets used like thousands or ten thousand pieces of gold, even if it is a single penny. When you took at the money, you should be able to say, "Through how many people's hands have you passed? How much have you desired to go back to God through True Parents." Even if you hear abusive language and curses, you still have to do this work. This is training. Whether that money is a little or a lot, you have to offer it all to God through True Parents.

And also you must go out and do pioneer witnessing. From there you learn how to love people. You should witness with the heart of asking, "How much have you desired to go back to God through True Parents? I will make a bridge for you." In that way you should move from one village to another without time to rest. Through this kind of training, we come to love them more than we love our parents. This is the way of true filial piety towards your parents. When you come back after completing this training, you will be able to love your parents and brothers and sisters more than anybody else. Heaven and earth will welcome you absolutely. After having the best accomplishment through love training for three years, you should find your nest or home. When you can love your family by representing to your parents who have begotten you the Parents of the cosmos and of humankind, there is no reason for your parents to hate what you do or for your brothers to oppose you.

Next, in order for you to go back to God, you must be trained about the spirit world. You must go through training that tests how much you have loved and united with the spirit world, and how much you can love God. This training will be completed by True Parents who are on this earth. Because the Messiah came with the responsibility of connecting the spirit world and God absolutely, the Messiah trains people about the spirit world. That Messiah comes as the True Parents of humankind and will truly love humankind more than any other person in human history. And he will do the work of uniting the world which has been torn apart by the fall as well as uniting the spirit world. True Parents have come not to die but to live and substantially accomplish this work.

True Parents are doing this work for God, in His place. Thus, by attending True Parents and truly loving them, we can learn what would take a person millions of years to learn after death, and we will pave the road that leads to God in the spirit world. If a person absolutely obeys True Parents, a condition that he has obeyed God's command absolutely can be established. In this way he can establish a tradition that allows him to become one with the parents, citizens and brothers of heaven. By doing that he will pass the training of the spirit world.

We attend True Parents in order to make a heartistic bond with the first parent, second parent and third parent who represent the spirit world and God, and to obtain the qualification to participate in the realm of heartistic victory which can represent all of them.

Because of the fall, you did not become a parent who could love all things, a filial son toward the parents who gave birth to you, or a filial son toward the spirit world and God. But you can be endowed with the qualification of a filial son by attending True Parents; therefore, you should follow with unyielding faith. Just as if the president of a nation signs a certain pass saying a person can go anywhere in that nation, in order to go everywhere in the Kingdom of Heaven, True Parents are absolutely needed.

I am sending you out to fundraise and witness so that you can inherit the True Parents' right of love. All the training for the spirit world is so that you can inherit the whole. It is truly an amazing fact that I could completely solve this problem of the whole in a theoretical way.

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