Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

2) Our Activities for Re-Creation

When God was making this world, He first created all things. In the age of restoration, we are going the road of re-creation; thus we are developing economic activities for the creation and restoration of all things. After that, we are re-creating people by doing witnessing. By rallying these two activities, we are taking the leading role in taking back the world for God. When you stand in a subjective position by doing this, you can truly become God's sons and daughters.

The providence of salvation is the providence of restoration and also the providence of re-creation. Because man fell, all the things that God created became fallen. For man to be restored, he must recreate all the things that God created. And again, we must find the son that God lost, and then we must subjugate Satan of the archangelic realm. This is the principled method.

That is why everybody has to be involved in economic activities. That is the formula. No one should complain. You must do it for one to one and a half years. Depending on the situation, it could be prolonged to two years. In that way you must become a professional in economic activities. If not, you can only become a beggar in the satanic world. You should be trained so that even one man or one woman could live alone.

The Bible says that you cannot worship both all things and God. But the gift of material blessing to America, a Christian nation, occurred because the law of re-creation has to be perfected. America is in the position of the archangel who possesses material. Now we must be able to move America's material.

Today, the world has become a world of materialism that moves by following material. It became a world of "money makes everything possible." If we have this money, we can move people worldwide as we like. This came about so that we can move the world more easily than Jacob moved Esau, if we have the material.

For this reason, American members are investing all of themselves in order to make money. They are contributing to the activities for re-creation while making an eternal tradition. With the same energy as the young people who are doing this work, the older people should also participate.

No matter where you go, you must be diplomatic in order to witness. If you do not have diplomatic abilities, you cannot witness. In order to become a leader of society you must be persuasive, and in order to melt down the satanic world, you need to be a good diplomat. You must have ability, persuasiveness, and also a good theoretical system. In other words, to become a leader, you must be able to solve economic problems. Then you must be able to solve the problem of diplomacy, and you need persuasiveness and the ability to lead a multitude of people.

The object of diplomacy is first to connect with the highest leader of that nation. If it is America, it means to meet the president or representatives in the Congress and persuade them.

Among Unification Church members there are some for whom witnessing does not come easily. Do you know why that is? In this world, how many women are there who make all kinds of preparation with a devoted heart to have a son? There are also so many people who pray so much to meet Jesus. Thus in order for you to witness, you need to prepare with greater devotion than they. If you do more than they do, God is bound to help you.

It may seem as if God has no relation to you, but if you stand in a place and say, "Father!" you will be able to discover the Father who does not answer from far away but from just behind you. If you fall down because of exhaustion, you'll discover that God is holding you and putting you to sleep. If you raise your hand, your hand will shine. You must know that these kind of astonishing things will happen.

Until 1970, we had to restore the angelic world, so we did not focus on making money. Because the time wasn't ripe, we concentrated on making an environment for all people in this nation to come into contact with God's will spiritually.

After that we made effort to solve economic problems. Thus, we did a lot of restoration of all things for five years starting from 1970. After that we needed to establish people. First we needed churches to contain these people, so we made churches. After that I brought an international task force for witnessing activities. Centering on them, we stirred up the nation with even the president of the church going out and giving speeches. We did a lot of activities, including holding revivals and the Day of Hope meetings. Moreover, I am supporting an inter-religious movement by allotting a lot of money. This inter-religious movement will become successful if I push forward with guts. In order to fulfill the task of re-creating, you are supposed to invest material and then invest in the archangel in this way,

By myself I should create (restore) all things; with my own hands I should create children, and through my own responsibility I should advance toward the position of parent. Can you do these things with your own hands? Thus you should equip yourselves with the heart, conviction and qualification of having created everything with your own hands. This is the way of the Unification Church.

Since it is a road of re-creation with the help of God and the angel, I must earn the money of the world. You must gather white people's money, black people's money, yellow people's money, laborer's money, merchants' money. . . By gathering it this way, you should earn the money of the world.

The money that was earned in this way is not my money. It is God's money. There is none that is mine. The Unification Church members want to offer all the money that was earned this way to God. Because they want to offer it all to God, they want to give it all to Reverend Moon, who is closest to God. You do that, right? Why do you do that? Do you not want to look at money? You must know that you are doing that in order to walk the road of the Principle of re-creation. You are doing that for seven years, and that means you are restoring through indemnity 7,000 years of history. Do you understand?

In this way, anyone, no matter who it is, who comes into the Unification Church, must be involved in economic activities. This is the conclusion. Even if people oppose you, you still have to do it. Why do you have to do that? Because Judaism, representing the Old Testament Age, and Christianity, representing the New Testament Age, are opposing us. They represent a lot of money and a lot of people. Because they are opposing us in every way possible, it is needed. They are doing everything at once. This is worldwide. All over the world people are opposing the Unification Church's fundraising.

Everybody also is opposing our witnessing, claiming that we are taking away their children. They should be doing that. Let them oppose us as much as they like. They say, "How could they call Reverend Moon 'True Parents' while we are their father and mother?" This is the situation. Do you understand? Should you fundraise or not? Wouldn't it be nice to make a factory and work there? No; receiving wages has no value. That cannot become a condition of restoration. When all others do not want to give, you have to persevere with devotion, shedding blood, sweat and tears, to take material back to God. That is restoration. Since you are trying to take what many people have and don't want to give, it is restoration.

When your offering is received, you must know that the people and the nation receive the benefit of the offering. That is why the money we make should be soaked with tears, soaked with sweat, and invested with heart. That money is different from the money of the world. In the satanic world, when they see money they want to make it theirs, but we want to give it all to God. It should be that way. Do you understand?

After that, what do we have to do for the course of restoration? We have to restore Adam's lost family. The eight members of Noah's family are also a reappearance of Adam's eight family members. Thus even Jesus had three disciples as his main disciples. If Jesus and the disciples had gotten married, there would have been eight people. There is this fundamental law. Do you understand? You must do that, too. You must restore three archangels. You must witness to and restore three sons from the satanic world. Since Adam lost that, you have to take it back as a substitute for Adam, and in this way you can receive a blessing greater than Adam's. You must know that is why we need a witnessing period. After finding material and children and offering them completely to God, you should advance to the position of a parent who has the qualification to bless his children by receiving that again. Do you understand? That is restoration history.

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