Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

1) The Conditions Necessary at the Time of Re-Creation

What you need is an original state where God, the archangel, Adam, Eve, and all things, are connected by love.

What is needed in order to possess true love centering on oneself? You need three angels. Man needs woman, and woman needs man. But because Satan interfered, this world is connected not by God's love, but by Satan's love.

Since we have to go the opposite way to indemnify this, we need three spiritual children, who represent the three angels. Moreover, since in Adam's family eight members of the family fell, we have to stand in a position to restore three sons and three daughters. For that reason, we say in the Unification Church that we need three spiritual children.

After that we need to reclaim all things. The fundraising that the Unification Church does is establishing the condition of God's side reclaiming all things that belong to the satanic world. Because God made all things before creating Adam and Eve, for the re-creation of Adam and Eve you need all things. Thus you must reclaim all things from the satanic world. Moreover, you must repossess the core of them.

We have reclaimed all things from the position where the whole world was persecuting and opposing us. Originally, we were to possess all things on the grounds of true love. When you can say that because you embodied true love you inherited all things, even Satan cannot accuse. Therefore, you must love all things more than Satan loves them.

The tithe is for establishing that condition. As a condition to take back everything for God, tithing came to exist. Nine is three times three; it is nine stages, that is, it represents God's side. Ten means returning to God's side, i.e., taking back from the satanic world.

We must establish the condition that by loving humankind, loving the world, and loving God, we are better than Satan. When we re-create, we need all things.

Without fundraising, you cannot establish the condition that you loved all things, and without having three spiritual children, you can never establish the condition that you have loved the archangel. You must make the condition that you have reached the original position without the fall. We are trying to go to the position at which we can see God on the foundation that we have loved all things and loved the archangel. In this way, we are reestablishing the eight family members who were lost in Adam's family. By realizing this condition, we can finally resurrect centering on God.

The fall was the result of the archangel's loving Eve and Eve's loving Adam-a reversed order. According to the Principle, Adam was supposed to love Eve, and Eve, the angel. But as a result of a reversed order of love, the archangel became Satan and Adam and Eve became his descendants. Thus, in the age of restoration, we must find and establish the archangel on God's side.

The period to find and establish this condition is the seven-year course of which the Unification Church talks. Actually, you are not supposed to get married without walking the seven-year course. You must witness for three years and have three spiritual children blessed. The original way is to love all things first, then the archangel, and after that, God. Because man fell below the place of all things, man has to first stand in the position of having taken back all things, finding the archangel and loving him, and then after that he can love God. Today the Unification Church is going forward according to this formula.

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