Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

9) Women Who Have to Stand on the Frontline of God's Providence

In the Israelite nation of the past, the men were the high priests. Then in our age, why have I put the women in the forefront? For the first Israel, Judaism was an archangelic nation-type religion; therefore, they had the responsibility of high priest, centering on men. But today in the Age Of Restoration, we have entered the age where Eve has the responsibility of high priest in place of men. Therefore, you must know that in the Unification Church we have placed a woman, representing all women, in a position to fulfill the responsibility of a worldwide high priest which nobody else could do. This is unprecedented in history.

In order to indemnify the fact that Eve's fall drove humankind into a whirlpool of destruction, I have placed Eve with Adam and am asking the people who can become Adams to unite with the women. You must know that this couple has to stand in the position to fulfill all the responsibility of high priest in place of the entire historical humankind. And not only that couple but even their children who are growing up, since they stand in a position to worry because of their mother or father, have to form a four-position foundation that can fulfill the responsibility of high priest before heaven and carry out the family responsibility of high priest that has never been done before in history. We must know that today, by doing this, the way for a national family restoration can be paved.

You should know that today the women have gone to the frontline in order to carry out this important task. Therefore, all Unification Church members should pray for this. If there is a person who eats better and is more comfortable than the women, then internally he should feel more pain and suffering and be praying for them. If there is a person who does not do that and instead is living more comfortably than they are, this person cannot be called a Unification Church member.

From this viewpoint, the husband should be more prayerful than his wife, and even the children who are just starting to speak should pray, "Father, please fulfill what our father and mother hope for." This kind of family should exist among the blessed families of the Unification Church. The more families who are like this, the greater becomes the four position foundation that can resurrect a new history.

Who has gone to the forefront first in terms of the age of restoration? Eve stood in the forefront first.

Through women, men could finally enter the realm of blood relative of God.

In this time, who in the family has to do their responsibility? Since Eve initiated the fall, women have to do this and not the men of the families.

When a family is placed on the frontline, the wife should be put forward instead of the husband.

The blessed wives have to take the lead.

When we look at the restoration providence, women have to pioneer the road ahead individually; after that, the women of families representing the church have go out to the frontline and fight with Satan, and after that there comes a time when women representing the nation have to stand on the frontline and fight.

In the age of unmarried women, the '60s, the unmarried women did the pioneering. In the '70s, women with families have to do the pioneering. In the '70s and '80s all the women of Korea have to become one. The women of the Unification Church have to be the ones who subjugate the communists. When the nation becomes united, if 15 million women can be mobilized, they can dominate and subjugate the communists with the wind their skirts make. Only through the ideology of the Unification Church can they do that task. Thus, for the unification of South and North, there is formation (the age of unmarried women), growth (the age of women with families) and perfection (the age of national women). Eve should contribute toward establishing a national and a worldwide tradition (since Eve ruined everything). Until now man has been working out the vertical history. Therefore, by women pioneering the horizontal history, woman can finally stand as an object to man who has been working out the vertical responsibility.

If that is not done, how can woman stand in front of heaven, with what achievement? Thus this ideology that mobilized the Unification Church women can remain as a tradition-forming ideology that the wives of Korea have to fulfill. Accordingly, it has to be implanted the right way, or else it will be a disaster. If we can mobilize the wives of this nation, from the wife of the nation's president to all the wives of governors and Cabinet ministers, and if we can train this dedicated family that can overthrow the 38th parallel in order to save this nation, the communists of North Korea will be no problem.

Women have to liberate the Christians who have fallen into selfishness as well as the communists. If we look at the history of Korea, there are many instances where women fought by leading.

In the beginning of history, Eve fell because she did not become one with God. If she had obeyed God's commandment, even at the cost of her life, and walked the road of death gladly, the fall would not have occurred. Accordingly, today Unification Church women should pledge their lives, hold on to God, and march forward.

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