Blessing and Ideal Family Part 2

by Rev. Sun Myung Moon

8) The Age that Requests the Perfection of the Family

Until now you have passed through the age of personal indemnification. And while you were passing through the age of individual indemnity, Father has already gone through the age of family level indemnity. Since I have passed the age of family-level indemnity, God's Day, the Day of All Things, Children's Day, and Parents' Day came about. But you still have not prepared that standard yourself. Do you have a welcoming home centering on your family? Do you have Parents' Day, Children's Day, the Day of All Things and God's Day? You do not. Thus, you have only walked the individual course of indemnity until now.

Now is the age to perfect the family. In the realm of perfection of the Unification Church, there is a most holy place which no one in history ever attended or participated in. You could participate in that most holy place because you are families which have received the grace of the Blessing. Without being a blessed family, one cannot participate.

When you enter the standard of perfection, you become an unfallen parent. Since the human ancestors fell at the perfection level of the growth stage and went down as a family, humankind must go up and be restored as a family. The individual cannot enter. Only as a restored family can you reach the perfection stage. You cannot enter that place alone.

Since we have been given the privilege of knowing the Principle, even if we lack arms, legs, or have wounded eyes or noses, we are advancing by upholding a worldwide, historical victory that can indemnify the original family's failure.

Today people who believe in Christ say that they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. But the place that they are talking about is Paradise, not the Kingdom of Heaven. Until now, Jesus has been in Paradise. Since there remains a standard that longs for a bride, he cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. He has kept going until now by observing the road that enters the Kingdom of Heaven.

Originally, you enter the Kingdom of Heaven based on the fundamental law of creation, centering on the family. By having parents, children, and all the relatives entering, there will be happiness. How can it be the Kingdom of Heaven if the parents go to hell and the children go to the Kingdom of Heaven?

Therefore, in order for the Unification Church to pave the road to the Kingdom of Heaven, it has to model the standard of the true family. Without doing that, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. We must get out of the family standard which Satan can accuse, and we must get out of the historical (inherited) standard of accusation as well as the standard of accusation for this age (collective). In order to do that, you must know that we must pass through this formula course for restoration. You must know clearly that the second seven-year course is the period when you can solve that in an environment of freedom and without persecution.

When you were passing through the individual course of the cross, who pioneered first? Women did, right? The standard of perfection went wrong because of Eve. Thus Eve also has to bear the cross centering on the family. So for the course that you are going with tears in your eyes, your children will rejoice. In this course of shedding tears and blood, which we must go as the way of restoration, you must be able to unite by joining forces with your young children who are in the rear so that they can support this cross of heart. In this way the family can progress and go over to the perfection stage.

In this way you must establish the condition in heaven of making the bridge to the perfection stage. By fulfilling this law of heaven you can finally enter the domain of intimate acquaintance by receiving love from the coming Christ. This kind of responsibility remains with women. It is not fulfilled through this marriage. You are in the perfection level of the growth stage; you have not gone across the perfection stage. All this is content that women have to indemnify.

Then how do you indemnify? As in restoration history until now, mother and son have to do this through the process of helping each other. Thus you must go the road of hardship, even if you have to carry your child. In order to go over this boundary, Father plans to send you out on the road of suffering from the year 1970.

Because you have to equip yourselves with internal and external relationships for a national responsibility, you are going out by risking the name of the Blessing. The seven-year course is a period of suffering; therefore, I have spread the blessed families all over the nation.

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